Surprise Anniversary Trip to Vegas! (Day 1)

When I walked in from Miami,  Hubby informed me that we were going on a trip to celebrate our 33rd TWO DAYS!  I was super excited but wow was I going to have to get into high gear to get ready to go in that short amount of time.

Mother's Day was that weekend so the first thing I had to do was get down to the store and buy Mother's Day presents and get them to our moms, wash the dirty clothes in my suitcase, repack and head to Natchitoches to spend the night at our lake house so we could leave for the airport in Shreveport Friday (whew!).  Somehow I managed to get everything done and we got off to Vegas!

It had been many years since we had been to Vegas and we were SO EXCITED to be going there for our 33rd anniversary...even if we would pay for it later in the form of pretty bad jet lag.  Hubby really outdid himself this time by making a reservation at the The Venetian!  Decorated in the theme of Italy it was a wonderful place to stay...
I have to admit...Vegas knows how to do it right.  Everything at the Venetian was absolutely gorgeous!
And this is a mere sampling of what The Venetian looks like.  Our room, a suite, was just as beautiful and comfy too...

I have to say that I was pretty tired by the time we arrived, not having time to adjust from flying in from Miami and then turning around and traveling west but I pepped up, got dressed and we headed out for our anniversary dinner at The Eiffel Tower Restaurant.  We had a table with a window view so we were able to look down on the strip and see all of the lights and also the fountain show at the Bellagio.
Dinner was absolutely delicious and we enjoyed it while reminiscing about the past 33 years and how lucky we were to have each other.


                                                                         Lamb Chops.
                                                                      Chocolate Souffle.
                  And this cute little dessert they brought us to share at the end of our meal!
                                                                         This was then.
                                                                      And this is now.

We went back to our hotel after dinner and fell out , exhausted after such a long day.  I looked at the clock and, although it said midnight I was thinking..."It's really only 10 0'clock" or wait..."Is it 9 o'clock?"  Oh my goodness was I ever going to be screwed up after this weekend was over.

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