Argh Matey...Captain Beckett Turns 2!

There's been a lot going on here.  No really...A LOT!  The Hubs and I have been frantically attempting to get Ryan's dental clinic open by August and my house has been a busy place with Grands coming to visit and swim and well, you know how summer is in general...Busy, Busy, Busy!  The 4th of July snuck up on us this year and actually we made it a double celebration.  Beckett's 2nd birthday was on the 5th so his parents decided to celebrate it on the 4th.

Beckett is just a little obsessed with Jake the Pirate these days, Matey, so you guessed it...the theme was EVERYTHING PIRATES!

 It was an outside party so we were very thankful that the weather was least until the party was over!

This jumper made its debut the day before the party and the kids really enjoyed it.  Too bad there was only a child sized door for them to enter or I would have tried it out as well!

 The pool house was not only a great back drop for the party but also a great place for people to cool off.

I caught some shots of the sweet birthday boy when he wasn't looking.  Because if he was looking he would run from the camera.  A "Boy Thing" I suppose.  However, I love to capture those moments when he doesn't know I'm looking...
                                                Oops...he heard the click of the camera.
                                                        And he's making his get-away...

                                              And then it was time to cool off in the pool!

                                                   And eat some Birthday Cupcakes.

                                Hit that pinata treasure chest to see what treasures were inside.
                                    CANDY...YAY!!!  What better treasure could there be?!
                                                   Then it was time to open presents!
                                               PIRATE TOYS!  And his Pirate Raincoat.
                                                                And Rain Boots.
                                        And great-mam-maw got to visit with the babies too!

                                 And then the rain came...But Parker Ann didn't seem to mind.

It was a busy, fun-filled holiday/birthday weekend with lots of family and friends.  And now we have another 2 year old...
                                                        Argh...Happy Birthday, Matey!

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