Are We There Yet?!

Well, the "drivers" set out bright and early Friday morning on our road trip to Disney...or at least for about the first 11 hour portion of said trip (sigh...).  We were attempting to get as far as we could so we wouldn't have that far to travel Saturday morning to begin picking up people from the airport.  Our first stop would be New Orleans to pick up David, Codi and Beckett to ride with us.  Parker Ann decided that she would also ride with us for a while.
I knew it was bound to happen and it wasn't long before it did.  About 1 1/2 hours in the trip Parker Ann asked (for the first of many times...), "YaYa, how much longer until we get there?!"
We stopped to pick the New Orleans crew up and Parker Ann and Beckett took one last run around the apartment complex before they were to be strapped into car seats for the endurance of the trip.
Parker asked several more time if we were there yet and was SUPER EXCITED when we finally make it to Florida.  Even though we were not technically "there yet".  That's when she declared, "This trip is taking HOURS!"
                            But we did jump out at this rest stop to play for just a little bit...

And then it was back on the road again.  And the rain had set in.  But that really didn't matter because we were just driving AND it cooled things off a bit.  I hope it rains just a little bit every day.

We stopped around 9 p.m. for dinner.  At the Waffle House.  Just a little tip:  You might not want to do that late at night after driving all day and getting into bed.  Can you say HEARTBURN?!  After a not so good night's sleep we were off the next morning by 7 a.m.  We had to get to the airport to pick up the Ohioans by 10.  After picking Caitlin, Kevin and Holli up we went over the car rental place where we were to pick up our  15 passenger van.  Yep...we will be traveling around in this van and my Escalade will be used to carry scooters, strollers and diaper bags.

OH...and that suitcase sitting there is one of Caitlin's.  Which I'm sure DEFINITELY did NOT make the 50 pound weight limit for the plane.  It had a tag on it that said, "HEAVY".  No kidding!

While we were waiting for our van to be ready for pick up and the second bunch to come in at the airport we decided to head to the mall for some lunch and a little fun...
                                              The first place we hit was the Crayola Store!
                                                                 Crayolas made this!
                                                         These two were inseparable.
                                                      This store is an art lovers heaven.

After lunch, Robby and David ran over to pick up the van while the rest of us headed to the American Girl Doll Store...
                                   All of the girls (including myself...) LOVED this store!

                                            And yes...we left with some pretty cool items.

Hubs and I left for the dreaded grocery store trip while someone else went to pick up Ryan, Allison and Livie from the airport.  We finally made it to the house afterwards where most everybody went for a swim while the Grands were so exhausted that they took a wonderful little nap...before heading back to the airport for a final trip to pick up Mimi and PaPa.

We made it!  About 15 hours later and three trips to the airport and exhausting all of the coins in my vehicle for toll roads.  This BIG, FAT FAMILY is ready for DISNEY!

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