It's that time of year again and we are all gearing up to set out on another BIG, FAT FAMILY VACATION.  There are 17 of us this year.  Yes, you heard me right.  17 of us...some flying, some driving...ALL staying in the same house for a solid week.

At first, we just thought we would plan a vacation like we had last year at the beach in Destin.  However, we quickly found that the houses to rent that housed that many people were going for an outrageous price.  Seriously.  Like $20,000 a week.  GULP!  So, somewhere in there Hubby decided that we should just load up and go to...are you ready for this?  DISNEY WORLD.

Yep, it's only about 9,000 degrees here in Louisiana and instead of choosing a cooler climate for vacation, we chose Disney World.  WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!  I ask that NOW...because at the time...when the weather was not so seemed like a FANTASTIC IDEA.  And so we now find ourselves purchasing cooling paraphernalia for strollers AND ourselves.

Yes, it is going to be hot but hopefully a few rain showers will sprinkle us to cool us off and I think we will tend to visit most of the parks in the late afternoon and evening.  The house we are staying in was about a fourth of the price of the ones we looked at in Destin and it even has its own pool that we can cool off in.

Regardless of the heat, we are DISNEY BOUND tomorrow for a week of FUN in the HAPPIEST PLACE IN THE WORLD!  Everyone (I mean EVERYONE; adults included) are SO excited about going to Disney.  They have purchased cute little Disney clothes for the kids AND Hubby purchased t-shirts for all 17 of us to wear one day...
Lila Kate and Livie got yellow shirts with royal blue writing because they did not have their size in blue.  This is what the front says.
 I know in the picture the shirt looks gray (not sure why) but it is really a pretty royal blue.  This is the back.  Cute, huh?
And here's a sampling of not only the cute Disney outfits that have been purchased but also the excitement about our trip!
                                                                  Minnie...Her favorite!
                                 Don't you just love this Tinker Bell shoot?  It looks so magical...

And so now I find myself in a familiar place...Behind the eight ball.  I still haven't cleaned my vehicle out, gassed it up, run errands, boarded the get the idea, don't you?  And what am I doing?  Sitting here in bed drinking coffee trying to get my courage up to do all of those things in this 100 degree heat (sigh...).  Well, I'm getting off of here and up and getting after it...Or at least I'm still in the trying to convince myself stage.  I will attempt to post a few photos while we are away.  Pray for rain...and a cool front (if that's not asking for too much).

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  1. July is the absolute BEST time to go to Disneyworld. Y'all enjoy