Summer Safety and Why It Is So Important

It's summer and actually June was National Safety Month and rightly so since summer is the time of year when so many people are vacationing and participating in outdoor activities.  It would make sense then that many more accidents occur due to the type of activities individuals participate in the hot months.  I was asked to read a story that made national attention a few years ago about the danger of these outdoor activities and then remind individuals what they can do to possibly prevent them from happening to you and your loved ones.

Tyler Madoff was a 15 year old in 2012 when he went on a trip to Hawaii where he participated in an adventure tour.   Some of the activities offered were kayaking, canoeing, hiking, sailing and surfing.  He, and the group he was with, hired a company to take them on this adventure tour.  However, one of the individuals in charge did not use caution and Tyler lost his life. (Click HERE to read the entire story.)  This event was tragic for everyone involved and that's the reason I am writing this post; to share some summertime safety tips that could possibly save lives.

1.  Remember to take nature seriously.
     Since most summertime activities take place outdoors and more specifically in the water, it is
     important to remember that people cannot predict or control what nature is going to do.  It is
     best to always err on the side of caution.
2.  Trust your instinct.
     We all tend to trust those in charge of a tour but keep in mind that they are just human.  And
     humans make mistakes.  Trust that gut feeling of yours and if things just feel wrong to you,
     DON'T participate.  It's much better to be safe than sorry later.
3.  Ask questions regarding safety when taking a guided excursion.
     Most people who participate in adventure tours are risk takers at heart.  That being said, one
     should always ask the "What If" questions.  Be prepared for what could possibly happen and
     have safety equipment available and a plan in place in the event something does go awry.
4.  Know your guides expertise.
     The Internet is readily available for research so do just that; research the individuals who will be
     taking you on your excursion.  See what their credentials and experience is.  Ask around the area
     when you arrive to confirm what you have learned and if things don't match up, cancel the
     tour.  There is no shame in that.  Find another one.  Taking this precaution may save your life.
5.  Set limitations.
     "Adventure" is one of those words that gives the mental image of no limits.  One must have
     limits, even on an adventure tour.  Not setting limitations sets up an environment for possible

Let's face it summer is fun.  We all love to get out in the sun and water and enjoy ourselves. And yes, some like to seek adventures in the process. However, that enjoyment can turn tragic in a split second if individuals don't exercise safety.  Remember, safety does not means not having fun, it just means that you are cautious because you want to continue to participate in that fun for years to come.

                             WISHING YOU ALL A VERY SAFE AND FUN SUMMER
                                                    FILLED WITH ADVENTURES!

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