Vacationing With 17 People...

Have you ever vacationed with 17 people?  Who are related to you?  Living in the same house for a week?  Let me just tell you...IT'S CRAZY!  You cannot imagine the chaos the ensues.  So, in part, that is the reason that I have not shared any of my photos or adventures with you yet.  The other reason is the fact that while we were traveling to Orlando, my mother was admitted to the hospital where she had her 87th birthday and, unfortunately a massive heart attack.  I was in constant contact with my sister, who was with her during this time and yesterday my mother went home with hospice care.  Needless to say, with all of that going on I didn't really feel like blogging.

Am I tired?  Yes!  We were part of the driving crew and our return trip of 15 hours was made in one day.  Yes...We lost our minds.  But you know how it is.  Everybody is so excited and pumped up to get to their vacation destination that the road trip really doesn't bother them.  And then on that return jaunt, it becomes a mission to GET HOME AS FAST AS YOU CAN!  So, that is exactly what we did, traveling ALL day Saturday and literally falling into bed as soon as we got home.

Now, I don't even have my "good" photos uploaded off of my camera yet but wanted to give you a little "sneak peek" of some snapshots I captured on my phone...

                         We didn't eat out a lot but when we did...It definitely took a BIG table!

                               This is what it looked like most evenings when we stayed in.

                                       Livie and Lila Kate...Can you tell which one is which?
                                                       (Livie, left.  Lila Kate, right.)
      Here's Lila Kate.  Remember, she's our Christmas Eve Baby.  And already crawling!
 This is where I actually found a moment to slip away to a quiet corner. closet.  With Livie.
                                                  These two girls are the Best Of Friends!
And our sweet only boy at this time.  What could be better than reading to your Disney stuffed animals at Disney?
 HEY!  Not sure if this was planned BUT... I think these guys might be ready for some LSU Football!
Wherever we went, it was like a heard of noisy cattle running through the area.  And to boot, we had our names written all over us one day!  So there was no saying, "I have no idea WHO that person is!"
And here is Caitlin, Number 6 and me.  Isn't he growing?!  I sure wish they would settle on a name pretty soon so I can quit calling him "Number 6" (sigh...)

So there ya go.  This will have to tide you over until I get to the really good photos on my camera.  Then you can see how this BIG, FAT, SOUTHERN FAMILY rolled in Disney World!

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