When In Disney...Dress The Part!

Disney world is such a magical place that one forgets their own identity with merely the prospect of entering the gates.  And My Big, Fat Southern Grandchildren are no different than all the others who visit there! That being said, I must say (as prejudice as I might be...) that they ranked right up there with the CUTEST DRESSED DISNEY KIDS in the Kingdom.

 Here, Beckett decided to don his Mickey Mouse outfit with his Jake the Pirate headband...and Minion watch!  Me thinks he might like Disney World JUST a little bit (He-He!).
                         How CUTE does Lila Kate look decked out in her Minnie attire?!
                 And then a couple of Tinker Bell's could be spotted among our crew as well...

                               Then,  the "real" Tinker Bell got to meet "our" Tinker Bells!
                                                              I think she LOVED them!
 And, of course, any Disney World adventure would not be complete without a Beautiful Snow White!  Livie fits the bill perfectly.
                                  A Princess, a Mermaid and a Pirate.  What a cute bunch they are!
                                What a MAGICAL trip with some pretty MAGICAL kiddos!

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