The Mischief of TWO, TWO-Year Olds...

I know that you all have likely heard of the "Terrible Two's"; who hasn't?!  Well, right now in our BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY, we have TWO,  TWO-Year olds.  And throughout our vacation I had the most fun watching those two because seriously, what one couldn't think of the other could AND then enlisted the other to join them.  So while the parents might not always think their antics are so adorable, YaYa definitely did!

 I love the fact that these two are exactly three months apart in age.  It warms my heart to see them together.
 What's better than snuggling down in a big ole soft comforter and breaking open some Oreo Cookies?!
And is apparently a universal law that ALL Oreos must be broken apart and the middle eaten out first!

While on vacation, Beckett constantly played in the shower.  This was his little secret place to hide when the girls were doing other things (or more specifically to get away from the girls for a quiet moment...).  However, one day Holli appeared and found out about his little secret.  She quickly joined in and before the poor little guy knew it...she had him trapped (a cautionary tale for all males, Beck Beck...).

                                                       "OK, Beckett, you go in there."

                                                         "Let's just shut this door now."
                                                   "See, you're in there and I'm out here."
                                       "YaYa, she put me in how do I get out?!"
                                                   "Hahahahaha!!!  He can't get out now!"
                                                      Just like a girl, Beck...Take note!
But at the end of the day I can see that these two will always be thick as thieves and have each other's back.

The wonderful world of cousins.  I don't personally have too much experience with it but my observations tell me that it is quite wonderful indeed.  Much like siblings, cousins share love, life and adventures.  It makes me happy to know that my children are fostering the "cousin connection" with their children.  THIS is one of the things that makes families so special; the bond between individuals that is held together with the glue called love.

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