I think everybody is "officially" back in school now and getting into that routine.  Well, it sorta sucks a little because for about 3 months everything has been a little more laid back; no pressure with homework or bed times.  But HEY...I've got something that might make you smile; a Back-To-School GIVE-AWAY that you are just going to LOVE!

Before we went on vacation this year Justin brought Hubby and me both these awesome Yeti cups.  When we got on the road early the morning we set out on the road trip I put my coffee in it to sip along the way.  Was I surprised when well into an hour that coffee was still steaming HOT.  I immediately knew that this was going to be my NEW FAVORITE CUP.  But then I found out something that really confirmed that when we got to Disney World and it was SO HOT outside.  I filled that same cup up with ice and water and at the end of the day there was still ice in it!  NO...I'm NOT kidding you.  I started thinking about what an awesome gift this would be to stick under the Christmas tree for...Like EVERYBODY!

So, here's the deal:  I love this Yeti cup SO MUCH that I am GIVING one away to some lucky person out there!  Yep, this is my BACK-TO-SCHOOL GIVE-AWAY and here's what you have to do in order to enter the GIVE-AWAY:

***You may do ANY or ALL of these but MUST "Join" my site in order to be entered into the
       GIVE-AWAY.  For each additional page you "like", "follow" or "join", you will get ANOTHER
       ENTRY into the GIVE-AWAY.***

1.  "Join" my blog site.  Just hit the button and fill out the required information.
2.  "Like" my Facebook PAGE and share the GIVE-AWAY POST.
3.  "Follow" me on Instagram at BarbaraRogenmoser and share the GIVE-AWAY POST.

THEN...Under the comments of ANY of those pages leave your e-mail address and I will enter you into the GIVE-AWAY for this AWESOME YETI CUP!

This contest will run from Wednesday, August 26-Wednesday, September 2.  The winner will be announced on THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 3.

                                                                         GOOD LUCK!
                                                 I hope this NEW SCHOOL YEAR is AWESOME!


  1. Me, me ... pick me! Lori Kees

  2. Pick me! My hubby has one and does not do a good job of sharing! Hehe