A Birthday Weekend: Parker Ann Turns 5!

It was quite a busy weekend,  with Parker Ann celebrating her 5th birthday.  YES...Can you believe she is already 5 years old and in kindergarten this year?!  I told her there was NO WAY she could possibly be 5 years old and she said, "Don't worry, YaYa, I will still be your baby no matter how old I get."  OK, now, I'm holding her to that one for sure!  Anyway, since it was her birthday weekend David and his family came in to join the rest of us for her party...

 Friday was Parker's actual birthday so the family got together at her house for hamburgers, some birthday cake and presents that evening!  As you can see, there were birthday wishes all over the place to make this Birthday Girl feel good on her special day.
                                        This was hanging from the windows in her bedroom.

As I said, Friday night was the family party which I think is a really good idea once children get into school; having two separate parties.  We actually did this with our kids as well and its works out great.  The children get to spend some time with their family in a more calm atmosphere opening presents and eating cake at home.
                        Look at all the American Girl Doll stuff from Poppi and YaYa!
                                            This little girl LOVES her American Girl Dolls.
                               And then there was the homemade birthday cake...Funfetti!

And next came the BIG PRESENT from mommy and daddy...
   A FROZEN JEEP!  OK, This jeep is really cool...It has a radio in it that plays,  "Let It Go" while
   driving your baby dolls down the street!

On Saturday, Parker had her friends party which was an LSU cheerleader themed party at a gymnastics studio...

And, of course, the family wasn't about to miss out on this one either...
                                             Uncle Dave and Uncle Ryan-Poo were there.
                                                                      Poppi and Livie.
                                             Baby sister, Lila Kate smiling from ear to ear.
                                       And Beckett, who had a BLAST playing in the gym!
It was a SUPER SPECIAL weekend for this SUPER SPECIAL little girl!  We all LOVE her SO MUCH and are SO HAPPY she's a part of OUR BIG, FAT SOUTHERN FAMILY...It just wouldn't be the same without her!

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