Hey, Honey-Do...Here's Your List...

There's nothing like hosting an upcoming event at my home to get my cleaning genes going.  For the most part, everything inside the house is OK.  However, there are always a "few" little things that require Robby's assistance.  That's where my "Honey-Do List" comes in.

Over the years, we have hosted many parties in our home.  I like to plan in advance.  For me it is all about getting things done ahead of time to create the perfect ambiance.  Robby, on the other hand, just comes up with these ideas on the spur of the moment (or maybe he's been thinking of it, but only chooses to share the idea with me last minute) and then expects me to pull it all together in just a few days...I'll say it again...MEN! (ugh...).  So, I've been telling him for WEEKS (that's being kind) now that the canister lights in the kitchen were burning out at an alarming rate; pretty soon, we would be cooking in the dark.  I would change them myself, except for the fact that my ceilings are very tall and I would have to use a ladder...AND, I really don't know how those bulbs pop in and out.  BESIDES, I tell him that I am like the shoe cobbler's children who go barefooted...we own an electrical company!  Thus, when we decided to host this party, Robby told me he would take a day off to do everything I needed done.  I know that you must be wondering about the "List".  Well, you see, he likes a "list" because he says he enjoys getting to scratch each item off whenever he completes a task (go figure...whatever!  I don't care, as long as it gets done).  So, needless to say...I made a "Honey-Do List".

Topping the list was those canister light bulbs.  Next, I just walked around the perimeter of the house, hoping to find inspiration for more chores to add to the "list".  Ahhh...yes!  The toilet paper holder in the master bathroom that was barely hanging by a thread to the sheet rock.  I had been asking him to repair this for quite some time...it was also added to the "list".  In addition to those items, there were some more things that I really wanted done, but would be pushing it...OH, WHO CARED?  I had the chance to make a "list" and I was going to put EVERYTHING I could possibly think of on it.

I walked out onto the back porch and decided it needed to be pressure washed.  And while he had that pressure washer out, he could just go ahead and take my four big area rugs out of the house and wash them too (hey, for months now, he kept saying...don't call the cleaners, we can do that ourselves).  Then, as I looked around, I saw the old swing that I had requested be thrown away this past summer; that also made the list AND in its place I wanted my concrete birdbath.  Now, the birdbath thing might be a deal breaker, because it weighs about 1,000 pounds and he and the boys have moved it MANY times for me over the years.  However, I thought it would look nice in that corner, filled with some pumpkins.  I gave it a try; I added it to the "list".  Oh my goodness!  While I was out there, I noticed the string lights!  I had put those in the trees by my fish pond and on an arch severeal years ago.  I wondered it they still worked...they made the "list".  I would have him check to see if they worked.  If they didn't...take them down and put new ones up (another iffy task).  This next thing would REALLY get him going...go out and chop some wood for my fire pit (Ha-Ha-Ha!  I told you it was all about the ambiance for me).

At last my "list" was complete.  Try as I might, I could not come up with another thing to add to it.  My expectations weren't too high, because there are always a few items that never get scratched off that "list".  But, I did give it the old "Honey-Do Try"!  Who knows...I may be surprised and be able to place a gold star on that "list" for a 100% Job Well Done!

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