So Many Diapers!...How To Choose One!

Years ago, there were not nearly as many diaper choices as there are today.  Oh sure, Pampers and Huggies are still available, however, when I went to purchase a package of diapers for Parker, I was quite overwhelmed at the choices.

Whenever Parker came home from the hospital, I began to be introduced to all sorts of new fangled baby gadgets...and Believe Me, there are a lot of those these days.  However, one thing struck me as very interesting; all of the many different types of diapers available for babies.  In fact, there were so many, that I had to wonder how an individual could even begin to choose.  The first one that Parker wore was called, "Sensitive Skin, New Baby Swaddler" (there's that word again!).  This particular diaper had a little curve cut out where the umbilical cord had not fallen off yet.  I had to admit that the little cut out idea was pretty ingenious; as was the use of the word "swaddlers" on the packaging...the marketing company sure knew their audience well.  I couldn't help but think of what a far cry all of this was from the diapers available to me when my children were born.

By the time my fourth child (Caitlin) was born, I had morphed into what some referred to as "Mother Earth" or "The Koo-Aid Mom".  Not only was I a stay at home mom and avid breast feeder, I had also decided that cloth diapers were the best choice for my baby; so much so, that I actually opened a cloth diaper service for a while.  I didn't always use cloth diapers, though.  Whenever Justin was born, I used disposables like all of my friends were doing.  And let me tell fine wine, those disposable diapers have REALLY improved over time.  These improvements are what got me to thinking about a little "diaper incident" that occurred when Justin was a toddler.

Last week, Sarah, Parker and I all went out to choose carpet for the new house they are building.  Pulling into the parking lot of the building, I was reminded that this store had once been a very nice furniture store as well.  THAT'S what brought back the memory of the "diaper incident".  On the day in question, Robby and I were also out looking for carpet for our first house that we were building.  Justin was about a year old and I was already expecting David.  As we walked into this place of business, I felt a little uncomfortable, because although the salespeople were friendly enough, they also appeared to be a bit snooty too (you know what I mean...).  Taking Justin by the hand, we walked over to look at some carpet samples when a salesman came over to assist us.  As we were standing there discussing the carpet that we were interested in purchasing, we were suddenly interrupted.  In the midst of us, on the floor... out of Justin's diaper rolled a little poo-poo!  Yep!  I DEFINITELY would NOT kid about something like that.  You see, disposable diapers back then did not have elastic in the legs.  As you can imagine, that particular design issue was responsible for many accidents.  THIS accident, however, was UNBELIEVABLE!  As we stood there, all eyes fell to the floor...and we all just stood there for about a solid minute (or it seemed that long) looking at the "little package" that lay there waiting for someone to DO  SOMETHING.  That is when Robby, quite emotionless, simply looked at the salesman and asked, "Do you have a paper towel?"  Retrieving one for him, Robby then reached down, picked the "package" up...and HANDED IT TO ME!  OH MY GOODNESS...What was I supposed to do now?!  Hold it??  Stick in it my purse, the diaper bag??  Thankfully, I came to my senses and calmly asked where the restroom was located.  He pointed me in the directions of the stairs and Justin and I headed that way.  Once behind the safety of those bathroom doors, with said "package" deposited in the toilet and flushed, I sat down on the couch, fell back against it...and proceeded to LAUGH UNCONTROLLABLY!  What else COULD I do?

After somewhat composing myself, I again took Justin by the hand and we returned to the showroom where Robby and the salesman were just finishing up.  I still could not believe what had happened, but was also sure that it would not be the last embarrassing thing that happened to me as a mother.  THAT ended up being the understatement of a lifetime.  So, for all of you new parents out there, all I can say is, "Welcome To Parenthood"...your life will NEVER be the same!


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