How COOL Is It To Trick-R-Treat In Disney World?!

I woke up Friday morning less sore than I thought I would be, considering the amount of walking that I had done the day before.  I still was going to require a good amount of coffee (OK...and Advil) to get going.  As I planned to dress for the day, I knew exactly what I would be wearing.  Tonight we would be attending Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom.

Rylee was planning on wearing her Jasmine costume, while Caitlin and I would wear the costumes we had brought from home...our witch's outfits.  Now, being the fashion divas that we are, we had to have cute witch outfits!  I had purchased both of us striped tights, tutus and these fabulous feathered witch's hats!  Where else can you wear something like that all day long and not have people look at you like you are crazy...I'm telling you, this is a GREAT place!  So, we all began to don our costumes, but I wanted to make sure that Rylee at least got a good breakfast in her before we left our hotel this morning.  Let me explain...OK, the morning we left Alexandria, I took Rylee over to where Robby was getting a sausage biscuit at the airport and asked her what she wanted to eat.  She looked at all of her choices and decided on...a corn dog.  Yep...and that was the way the trip began.  The next morning, we were trying to make it to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, when I stated that we needed to have breakfast before she went to the salon.  Upon entering a small deli, I began to rattle off the choices or items available for breakfast.  Most of these foods did not seem to appeal to Rylee.  Desperate to get her to eat something, I pulled a chocolate cupcake covered in sprinkles down and offered it to her.  She simply looked up at me and said, "That has WAY too many sprinkles on it."  Standing in line beside me, Caitlin said, "MOM...I can't believe you just offered a 6 year old that for breakfast!"  OK, OK...I eventually got her to agree to a fresh bread grilled cheese sandwich.  She didn't like that either...I bought her a bag of potato chips!  Well, they COULD be called breakfast potatoes, if that would sound better.  This morning, however, I redeemed myself by feeding her a bowl of cereal and a glass of apple juice.  After consuming this and packing up for the day, we headed out to Epcot.  It would be our first stop of the day.

At Epcot, we had two goals in mind...First, we were to attend a "Princess Luncheon" and Second, we would buy a passport and have it stamped in every country...and if we saw some more characters along the way, we would stop and get autographs and pictures.  I KNEW that we had achieved success, when Rylee told me that she was so glad that we had eaten lunch with the princesses.  This was another one of those "Must Do" things that I had planned.  A reservation had to be made and when you arrived at the castle in Norway, each royal family was seated for lunch.  While dining, the princesses of Disney World (Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella and Belle) floated through the rooms to sign autographs and take pictures with each little girl.  I have never seen so many smiles and felt such excitement as I did as the princesses made their way around to each little girl's table.  THIS was an absolute "Royal Treat".  After spending most of the day in Epcot, we had to make our way back to The Magic Kingdom for Mickey's Halloween Party. 

We jumped on the Monorail and then a ferry to make our way back to The Magic Kingdom.  On the ferry, we began to see Halloween costumes everywhere; people were really going ALL OUT for this Halloween party.  Upon exiting the ferry and walking a short ways, we found ourselves squashed between literally thousands of party goers.  After eventually clearing the security check point and receiving our armbands, we were off to PARTY!  Now, I'm not sure what I would have done without Caitlin all week long, because she did two very important things for the map and keep up focused.  She, herself, said that if she had not been there, Rylee and I would still just be circling the castle saying Ohhh and Ahhh.  So, with map in hand, she directed us to where the Trick-R-Treat candy stations could be found.  This party was FANTASTIC!  The characters were EVERYWHERE, dressed in their costumes too!  Music suddenly caught our attention and before I knew it...Rylee and I were out in the middle of a dance party , dancing with the characters!, we were just drawn there like party magnets, but Caitlin got us quickly back on track and we continued to find more candy stations and ride rides.  Looking down at my watch, I noticed that it was already close to 11 pm; we needed to head back to our room.  Tomorrow was another day and we had to save some of our energy for the adventures I had planned for our last full day in Orlando.

As we got into the car, it did not take long for Rylee to fall fast asleep.  Picking her up, we carried her to the room, put her jammies on her and tucked her into bed.  Sleeping Beauty was worn out...but had experienced a FANTASTICALLY FUN DAY; she was sure to dream about princesses, characters and candy all night long!

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  1. I don't know who is having more fun! I remember how fun it was seeing the characters when we all went with our little kids and yours.