I Wanna Be An Italian!

Everyone who know me well, knows that I love EVERYTHING Italian.  So obsessed am I with Italy, that Robby and I decided for our 25th wedding anniversary, we would visit Venice, Florence and Rome.  I am now convinced that there is no lovelier place on the planet.

Before visiting Italy, I researched many things about the country...what to wear, historic sights to see, where to shop, what to eat...AND the language.  In college, I chose to take a couple of courses in French.  I don't really know why I chose French, except for the fact that Louisiana was originally a French settlement and we have a very rich French influence here.  I insisted, however, that my own children study Spanish.  In any case, I have always considered Italian to be the "beautiful, romantic language".  Robby believes that is because I watched "Lady and the Tramp" and listened to "That's Amore'" too many times as a child.  I must admit that I do love that Disney movie, but whatever the reason may be...I just wanna "speaka the language"; so much so, that I bought a set of "Learn to Speak Italian" CD's to listen to before actually visiting Italy.

I would pop those CD's in my car player as I ran errands and actually learned a few important phrases...or words, at least.  Robby requested that I PLEASE not attempt to speak using my newly acquired language skills once we arrived in Italy...reluctantly, I agreed.  Upon entering the country, I was relieved to find that most Italians spoke English quite well.  My "language studies", however, did allow me to have the ability read menus and signs.  So, you can imagine my surprise, when I caught Robby using MY Italian phrases and words to interact with the locals!  I tapped him on the shoulder and asked, "Ummm...WHAT are you doing?  You told ME not to try to "speak the language"...and now YOU are doing just that!"  Grinning at me, he replied, "I just got caught up in being here and...well..."

Still intrigued by the Italian language, I decided recently that I would get serious about learning to speak it more fluently.  I really didn't want to have to enroll in a college class, because if I missed a day, I would be behind.  Thus, my decision to purchase Rosetta Stone Italian!  I ordered this program on the Internet and anxiously awaited its arrival.  When it finally made it here, I put the box aside on my kitchen counter top.  I needed to wait to open it when I could concentrate on reading the instruction booklet (reading instructions is unfortunately, NOT one of my strong suits).  While it sat there waiting for my attention, several people commented on it with raised eyebrows.  Finally, Robby inquired into my purchase of the program.  I explained that Rosetta Stone was supposed to be the absolute BEST program in the world for learning a foreign language...but there was one thing that had REALLY convinced me to go ahead and buy the program.  He said, "Let me guess...it's the fact that NASA uses it?"  Although that was true AND it was a very good reason too, I replied, "No...it was the girls at the nail shop!"  There went his eye rolling again, as he awaited more of my explanation.  "Well, as Caitlin and I were having pedicures one day, I was telling her about wanting to learn to speak Italian better.  The Vietnamese girl who was doing my pedicure interjected by informing me that Rosetta Stone was the program they used upon entering this country."  I was  impressed because she spoke English very well...and THAT is what convinced me to purchase the program.

The plan was, that I would begin my home studies on the 1st of September.  Well...that didn't actually happen for several reasons.  First, I FINALLY opened the box to see what all was in it.  As I read the instruction booklet, I realized that there was a "voice recognition microphone"...hmmm...I had a very bad allergy at the time, which had caused me to have a terrible case of laryngitis.  I could barely speak, so I would have to put my lessons off for a week or so.  Then...well, I just got kind of busy with other things and the fact is...I STILL haven't started the program.  BUT, I do have good intentions and expect to begin very soon.  You will know when I DO begin to "learna the language" because I will try to include a few little phrases in my blogs...just to allow you all to also "speaka the language of love".

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