Traveling Is The Hardest Part Of The Trip...

Why can't I be like Jeanie and just blink and nod my head...or Samantha from Bewitched and twitch my nose...OK, I would even settle for a sparkly pair of red shoe to click my heels together with if I thought I could get to my destination more quickly.  Alas, I do not have any of these magical abilities, so I must rely on frustrating human methods.

It would prove to be a very long day...our travel day to Disney.  First, I am not really sure why we must ALWAYS book our flights to leave at the crack of dawn.  I don't believe I have ever arrived at our airport for a flight when the sun was actually up.  Case in point...our flight yesterday was at 7 am.  That meant that we had to BE at the airport to check in by 6...which meant that we needed to leave our house by 5:45...which also meant that I needed to wake up at 4 am.  Why, you may ask, must I get up at 4?  Well, let's see...I have to wake up, drink some coffee, put make-up on, get dressed and do any number of various household chores (wash the dishes, make the bed, take out the trash) before leaving. Robby, on the other hand, can be showered, clothed and sitting down drinking coffee and reading the paper in about 30 minutes is sickening.  However, we did make it to the airport on time...and with a 6 year old to boot!

Robby asked that everyone attempt to get their items into a small roll on bag to take on this trip...YEA, RIGHT!  That just simply was NOT happening for me and I emphatically stated that fact.  I was the only person who was given "permission" to check a bag.  Hey...things would not go well, if I was required to throw some essential grooming product into the trash at the security check point.  So, after practically undressing and filling buckets of our stuff to be x-rayed,  we made it through security...WHEW!!  That was a feat in itself.  On the other end of the state, things were not going quite as smoothly.  While all of us were flying out of Alexandria, Caitlin's flight was leaving from Shreveport.  Upon arriving at the airport there, she was subjected to a search that not only resulted in the confiscation of her hair and facial products, but also brought tears to her eyes...which THEN led to a personal body search!  All of this before 6 am did not make for a pleasant traveling experience.  I hoped that when we all finally met up in Orlando, things would begin to take a turn for the better.

Upon reaching Orlando (before even exiting the plane), I heard Robby on the phone with someone; the rental car place.  Wait a minute...we weren't renting a car...we were just going to take the hotel shuttle wherever we needed to go.  Apparently not any more...ugh!  Now,  we would have to go do battle with the rental people to get the car we wanted.  Well, we didn't get the car we WANTED, but we DID get one that would hold all of our luggage and that had to count for something.  We were now on our way to our hotel...and then to pick up our passes to the Magic Kingdom! 

Robby drove us over to pick up our passes for the entire week's events and then instructed us how to get back on the shuttle at the end of the evening.  He then headed back to attend the Market.  Caitlin, Rylee and I once again were forced to hop on another mode of transportation; the Monorail.  We had to get on and off two times before we ever FINALLY reached our destination; The Magic Kingdom.  Upon entering the grounds, all of the suffering that we had endured to make it this far, suddenly seemed worth it.  Re-energized,
we hit the ground running.  Picture taking, rides, face painting, ice cream...and one GIANT SMILE on the face of a very excited little girl.  Her enthusiasm was contagious...Caitlin and I got caught up in the whole "Disney Experience" and began to laugh and feel like kids again ourselves. 

As we drug (literally) ourselves back to the hotel room, we were beat!  After fighting our way through the throng of parade watchers, we made it back on the Monorail.  It couldn't have been a minute before I looked over to find our sweet little sparkly faced girl's head nodding.  By the time we were to exit, she was fast asleep.  Caitlin hoisted her up and we made our way back to the shuttle stop where we would eventually end up on our way back to the hotel.  With day 1 complete, we tucked Rylee in bed and then Caitlin and I made more fun plans for the next day.  I hope I will be able to move my body in the morning.  I suspect it is going to take lots of coffee...and a few Advil to get me moving.

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