Ahhh...New York Is Where I'd Rather Stay...I Get Allergic Smelling Hay!

I know why Lisa Douglas told Oliver..."Darling, I love you, but give me Park Avenue!"  You know Lisa Douglas...off of "Green Acres"!  New York is such an absolutely wonderful place.  Why, if you can't buy it or do it in New York, it just can't be done!  Visiting here is always fun, but during the holiday season, it is just MAGICAL!

As I mentioned before, our friends, Doug and Sandra came along with us on this trip.  Sandra had not gotten to see much of the city when she came to shop once before and Doug had never been.  When we arrived in the city, we checked into our hotel (bed bug less...) and then hit the streets.  The first stop was the Apple Store.  Doug had just purchased a new i-phone and it was not working properly.  This inanimate object had him in such a tizzy that I thought he might have a conniption fit...thus, the trip to the Apple Store.  It never ceases to amaze me at the number of people ALWAYS in EVERY Apple Store I have ever been in.  While Doug was talking to someone at "Geek Central" about his phone problems, I browsed around.  That is when I noticed several people with their dogs in the the store.  This made me smile.  I told Robby that, that is one thing I love about these big cities...they let you bring your dogs with you into the stores!  Now, I'm not sure that bringing my Annie into ANY store would be a good idea, because she's a little skittish around strangers and tends to bark a lot and pee on the floor when she gets nervous.  Nevertheless, I do like the idea of getting to bring your dogs shopping with you!

Next stop was right next door...F.A.O.Schwarz Toy Store.  This great store is the one that has the men dressed as toy soldiers ouside the doors as you enter the store.  Upon walking through those doors, it is a child's playground!  Already decorated for the holiday season, with giant snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.  As we made our way through the store, I could not help but stop to squeeze a few stuffed animals, flip through some unique books and ...ok, play with a few toys.  I can tell you right now, that although the new Disney movie, "Tangled" is not due out until Thanksgiving, one of the most coveted toys for little girls this Christmas season is most likely to be the the "Tangled" doll and other related products.  Watch out, Parker!...when you get just a little bit older, you will be getting an awesome Christmas present from F.A.O. Schwarz from  Ya-Ya!

From F.A.O. Schwarz, we headed toward Time Square.  No matter how many time one visits Time Square, it never ceases to be impressive.  Looking around, one can observe that most heads are turned upward, viewing gigantic lighted, flashing ads across the New York skyline.  Cameras everywhere are clicking away, capturing the beautiful sights of the area.  After a good bit of oohing and ahhing, we began to get a little hungry.  We knew just the place to take our friends for some dinner...and entertainment. 

Ellen's Stardust Diner is a really fun place to dine.  Fun because it it a diner decorated in the manner of a 50's diner, with all the waiters and waitresses dressed in poodle skirts and other 50's attire.  Oh, there are ice cream sodas with burger and fries and tables and booths that look as though they just popped out of the television show, Happy Days.  However, the most unique thing about the Stardust Diner is the fact that those waiters and waitresses burst out in song throughout your entire dining experience!  Hey...you don't see THAT every day.

After dinner, we were getting a little tired...after all, we had flown all day long and then hit the pavement running all afternoon and evening.  Tomorrow would be another BIG DAY.  We were planning on taking Sandra and Doug to do some of those "New York Must Do" things that first time tourist do not want to miss during their visit.  So, as I laid my head down to rest for the evening, visions of Lady Liberty and the Empire State Building...OK, and Sax 5th Avenue danced in my head!

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