A Little Window Shopping, A Carriage Ride and a Visit to a Dear Friend...

Tuesday arrived with rain, however, that little thing would NOT deter our New York Adventure.  This day promised to be just as busy as the day before.  There wasn't quite the "bounding" out of bed as early as the day before, but we were still up and out pounding the pavement fairly early again.

Our first destination for the day was Central Park.  Most people do not realize how large and how many things there are to do in Central Park alone.  It is around 870 acres just plopped down right into the middle of the huge city of New York.  Once inside the park, one seems to forget about the city with all of its noise.  It is a very tranquil place, that I am sure many New Yorkers use for escape from the fast pace of the city.  Last year, when Robby and I visited here, we spent an entire day exploring Central Park.  We found nestled among the beauty of the colorful palate (in autumn, the trees are absolutely gorgeous), statues, a carousel, the checker and chess house, a zoo, ice skating rink, playgrounds, ball fields, restaurants and much more.  We walked all around taking in the beauty of the fall foliage.  Then, we found a horse drawn carriage to leisurely take us on a ride, eventually dropping us off at "The Boat House" restaurant, which is actually located inside Central Park...you remember "The Boat House", dont' you?  It was featured on the movie, "27 Dresses"!  We had a wonderful lunch there, overlooking the water just outside the restaurant.  Finally leaving Central Park, we decided to "window shop" for a while.

The word "window shopping" always makes me smile.  That is because, when the children were younger and we were on vacation, I overheard David explaining to his other siblings that we were "just window shopping".  Window shopping in New York is a whole other ballgame, altogether.  There is an absolute art to window decorating here.  From jewelry stores to the Sax and Macy's windows, they are all just a canvas of artistic beauty.  I must admit that I was a little disappointed to find that we were going to just be missing the opening of the Sax and Macy's Christmas windows.  One year, we were there for the opening and it was done with a fanfare that only New York can present.  You see, the windows are all animated and the theme that year was Sleeping Beauty, with each window depicting a different scene...I told you; only in New York!  Well, we did enjoy doing a little "window shopping" and merchants were beginning to dress their windows for the holidays, which was beautiful, as usual.  While walking down 5the Avenue, I remembered that I had not payed a visit to an old friend yet...one who lived in The Plaza Hotel.

Grabbing Robby by the arm, I insisted that we immediately head to The Plaza and Sandra asked why.  "WHY?!  For heaven's sake, because Eloise lives there!"  She looked at me a bit confused and asked, "Who is Eloise?"  "OH MY GOODNESS...YOU DON'T KNOW WHO ELOISE IS?!  Why she is the little girl who lives in The Plaza."  Well... not a REAL little girl, but a book character!  She had never heard of her (although she even has her own flag, along with the American flag, hanging from The Plaza Hotel), so I definitely needed to introduce her to Eloise.  Upon entering the hotel, I took everybody around corners and down stairs until we came upon an entire gift shop devoted entirely to Eloise!  Sandra grabbed a book and sat down to learn all about her, while I went from room to room playing with all of the Eloise stuff.  This was DEFINITELY a place Ya-Ya- would be bringing Parker to one day!  Robby and Doug were very good sports and sat on a pink couch waiting for us to finish in the "Eloise Boutique".  After we had finished at The Plaza, it was time to go back to our hotel and get ready for a Broadway show.

Tonight we had tickets to "Rock of Ages".  This Broadway show is a musical devoted to the tunes of the 80's.  Starring in it is Dee Snyder from "Twisted Sister" and the guitarists in the band were all members of Styx and Journey.  The storyline and music was fantastic...and the audience found themselves on their feet at the end of the show clapping and swaying to Journey's, "Don't Stop Believin'".  What a great end to a great day!

As we turned in for the night, I was excited anticipating the next day.  There would be some things on our agenda that I was just dying to do...new things that I had never done before!  That's the wonderful thing about visiting New York over and over again...there are always new and exciting things to do every time you visit!

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