Toto, We're not in Louisiana Any More!

As you are reading this, Robby and I, along with another couple are in one of my most favorite cities in the world...I KNOW you are thinking, EVERY city she visits is one of her "most favorite cities in the world".  And, well...they ALL are, but for different reasons, of course.  The next few day will find us in New York City!

Usually, every fall for many years, Robby and I have taken a trip to New York City.  Last year, it was a surprise.  I was in town and Robby had booked one of those last minute deals online and he called and told me to come home, that we were going somewhere.  When I arrived, he wouldn't tell me where we were going, just to pack a bag...we had to leave within the hour.  Well, packing the bag that quickly may have throw some women, but for those who know me...I just throw it all in and worry about it when I reach my destination.  We didn't fly out of the airport here, but drove two hours to Shreveport and THAT is when he announced that we were going to New York...and first class at that!  Yep, my guy is a thoughtful one.   This year, however, we planned the trip.  We were originally going in October, which is my favorite time to visit, but the "Lake House Remodel Job" caused us to have to put it off until now.  Oh, it will be a little cooler, but hey...who IS New York, after all!

As we were thinking about our trip, Robby had this great idea.  We have some good friends (who actually live next door to us at the Lake) and they had never been to New York; well, Sandra had been there for a shopping trip; no real "New York Experience" and Doug, not at all.  He called and asked if they would be up for a trip and they said yes.  So, for a month now, we have been making plans and reservations and finally the 14th arrived and we were all off!  Oh...and did I mention that the 14th was Robby's birthday too?!  Fun, Fun, Fun!

The day before we left, I had to run to town for a few items.  I had determined early in the day, however, that I would not leave the house until I was completely packed...this was a personal goal, because I tend to procrastinate.  So, by noon, I had actually accomplished that task and decided I would reward myself (and Caitlin ) by going into town for lunch. After returning home, Robby informed me that he had changed our hotel reservation while I was out.  "Really?  Why did you do that?", I asked.  Well, another friend of ours had asked where we were staying and commented that he hoped they didn't have "bed bugs" there.  "WHAT?!  What in the world are you talking about?", I said.  Well apparently there is some sort of infestation of bed bugs and there is a web site that one can go to and check to see if the hotel they are booking has had any cases of bed bugs.  OK...STOP RIGHT THERE.  There is really such a thing as bed bugs?!  Apparently so!  Therefore, Robby checked the web site to find that a few cases had been found where we were to stay...needless to say, he changed our reservation.

Being the germ-a-phobe that I am, I called my sister to inquire more about these "bed bugs".  She knew all about them.  "WAIT!", I said.  "I thought that was just a little saying that Mama said when she tucked us into bed at night...'Nite, Nite, Sleep Tight, Don't let the bed bugs bite'."  "Barbara, this has been all over the news and in articles...where have you been?", she said.  I told her that I didn't watch too much news any more because it is never good news (case in point...the bed bugs).  After learning all about those bed bugs, I was actually beginning to worry AND itch a little...and I hadn't even left home yet!  Robby assured me that no cases had been found in our new hotel, so I felt somewhat better after hearing that. 

I got ready for bed with my bags all packed and ready to leave at...yet AGAIN 5:45 am for the airport (I told you we ALWAYS get EARLY flights...ugh).  Oh well, I guess that didn't really matter since we were off to "One of my most FAVORITE places in the world"...this week!

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  1. Is that snow on the ground? Fun, chilly, but who cares.