And THIS Is Why Pre-Menopausal Women Should NOT Have Babies...

OK, I know that earlier I stated that I would NOT being doing that "M Word" thing...and don't get me wrong...I'm STILL not planning on doing it.  However, it has come to my attention recently that I have experienced either a couple of hot flashes or had some sort of mini seizures.  Let me explain.

The first "episode" that I had came one evening while I was cooking dinner.  Suddenly, I got sort of...well, sickish feeling and the next thing I knew, I was BURNING UP!  I glanced at Robby, who was sitting in his recliner watching TV.  Fanning myself furiously, I ask, "Are you hot?"  He shook his head in a negative response.  That was weird...he was always the one who was hot and I am usually cold.  I got up and turned the thermostat down.  The second "episode" came during a yoga class...can you believe that?!  I was in a triangle pose, hanging upside down and OH MY GOSH...I got SO HOT again.  Now, this could have been due to the fact that I had just finished my cardio before going into yoga...nevertheless, I thought I was going to be forced to pull a Mia Hamm and throw my shirt off in the middle of class!  The other members of the yoga class were thankfully saved from this drastic measure, as I eventually cooled down.  The third "episode" occurred this past weekend...and believe me, I scared even myself.

Saturday I had been out for most of the morning and it had been a good day.  Upon returning home and walking into the house, I immediately got "sensory overload".  The guys were watching the LSU game (Loud...both the guys and the television), Parker was there (she began to scream Very Loudly), people were still coming in the house after I did...talking, asking questions...and BAM!  The only way I know how to describe the feeling is a cross between an anxiety attack and a severe episode of PMS!  Whatever the case, it was NOT good.  In the midst of all of that commotion, Robby asked if I could hold the baby (still screaming) while he started dinner..."NO!  BUT, you can get me a cup of Yogi Tea or a Valium or better yet, a Bloody Mary!"  I firmly placed her back into his arms and marched straight to my room, where I went and stood in my closet.  Yes...I was BURNING UP again!  Very quietly, I heard the door open.  There stood Robby calmly holding Parker in his arms.  "What just happened in there?", he said.  "HORMONES...And you just better get used to it...because apparently they are HERE TO STAY!"  He just gave me a little kiss on the forehead, went back to the kitchen and indeed DID fix me that Bloody Mary (a trainer at the gym told me they WERE healthy; tomato juice, you know).  When my body temperature and that wave of craziness passed, I returned to watch the game with everybody.

I googled "symptoms of menopause" (OK, it KILLED me to do that) and I will admit that SOME of those symptoms MIGHT be similar to what I have been experiencing.  Now, I am NOT saying that I'm doing the "M" word thing...and yes, I know that, that makes me in denial, but I am not ready to admit that this could be happening to me...I can't possibly be old enough for all of that stuff.  Well, in my own mind, I'm still too young for it!  In the meantime, I will just take more yoga (and inform the "M" word that it is NOT invited to my class!), breathe deeply...and I guess just go ahead and ride the "Crazy Hormone Train" and pray that it lets me off soon!

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  1. had my first official hot flash on Friday morning.... ugh!! I am on continuous birth control pills which help, but I have warned him that I will probably stop those when the refill runs out...He has about six months to prepare... haha