My sister said it first and later I found out that another friend of ours in town was referring to stories about Caitlin as "Caitlin-isms".  There are so many of these stories that from time to time, I will entertain you by writing about them...and then YOU can decided what to call them for yourselves.

As time was drawing near for Justin and Sarah's wedding, we were traveling back and forth to Hot Springs, Arkansas quite frequently; well, at least all of the women.  My mother, mother-in-law, sister, Caitlin and I probably attended five showers in the month and a half before the wedding. For us, this drive was 10 hours, round trip.  I could have just hit auto pilot on my car and it would have driven us straight to the Arlington Hotel.  As we traveled along the way, we would ALWAYS read (aloud) the signs that said..."Boyhood Home of Bill Clinton" or "Home of Bill Clinton".  That is why this particular incident involving Caitlin is considered a "Caitlin-ism".

Caitlin was a junior in high school, attending a catholic school.  She was in religion class that day with a very nice, but stern and straight faced male teacher.  Telling me about her day when she arrived home that afternoon, she started out like this, "Mom, I hate it when a teacher asks a question and then looks around the room to call on someone for an answer.  I just KNOW they are going to call on me, because I don't know the answer."  Not sure of where this conversation was headed, I just nodded in agreement and continued to listen. 

It seems as though the topic of discussion for that 9 week grading period was issues related to morality.  The question asked was, "What morality issue did Clinton have?"  Apparently, the teacher began to look around the room...and then added, "Miss Rogenmoser".  She was right...it was inevitable that she would be called on to answer the question.  I remember those days, myself,and having that exact feeling.  However, I would just say, "I don't know" and let the next person in line get their chance at answering it.  Caitlin felt compelled to attempt an answer.  Rolling her eyes toward the ceiling and tapping her index finger against her chin, she said, "Clinton, Clinton, Clinton...that name sounds SO familiar.  Could you give me his first name, please?"  Aghast, the teacher widened his already bulging eyes, took a deep breath and stated, "I'm not sure that will help, but OK."  He gave her Clinton's first name and was absolutely correct...it didn't help one bit!  Finishing up her story, she gave me a quite serious look as she said, "And...do you KNOW what his morality issue WAS?!"  Ummm...yea.

Robby was always confused by the fact that Caitlin could be such as good student, yet continually said some of the strangest things.  She will be 21 years old in about a month and I must admit...she STILL comes up with these "legally blonde" statements.  It really doesn't bother us...we all expect it...AND it brings plenty of laughter to our sometimes hectic and stressful lives.

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