Hey...,If My Family Gets Stuck Underground...Please Do NOT Send Board Games Down!

For months, the world watched the progress of those Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days.  The first I heard about this situation was on Facebook...I know, how sad is it that my news source is a social network?  Oh well, at times it isn't quite as negative as the "real" news networks.  Anyway, I saw where someone made a comment that board games  were sent down for them to play.  I immediately said, "OH NO!  I hope if my family all gets stuck underground (or anywhere else for that matter), they DON'T send board games down to us!

When the children were young, we began playing all sorts of board games with them.  Santa would even leave a new board game for our family under the Christmas tree every year.  Over the years we have acquired all types of games from card games to charade types games to the typical board game.  The one, however, that has caused the most controversy over the years is Monopoly.  What a "classic", huh?  Everyone, everywhere has had to have played that game at some point in their lives.  I seriously doubt though, that few people play it in the same manner and with the same passion as our family does.  When the children were elementary school age, they would pull the Monopoly game out and I knew to direct them in the placement of their game.  If they set it all up on the kitchen table, we wouldn't be able to eat there for days.  Play would resume each day until either someone won or they got tired of playing it.  As the children got older, our family game playing continued...however, to sit down at the playing table requires a great deal of stamina.

Playing any game with my family is a little stressful for those of us who choose to believe that it is "just a game"...because that just isn't so, according to these people; it is SERIOUS BUSINESS.  You see, the problem is that EVERYONE wants to be a winner and their competitive spirits compel them to...shall we say, become a little overzealous in their quest for that winner status.  Oh, the playing of games starts out OK; it is only when someone begins to emerge as a potential winner that things take a turn for the worst.  That person now becomes the enemy of all the other players, as they collectively turn against them.  Although, I am the least competitive person in the family, I will admit that even I have thrown a "skip" card on my own offspring during a heated game of UNO.

We continue to have "Family Game Nights" around our house.  However, with each new addition to this crew,  a warning is issued.  This warning usually comes from Sarah, who immediately informs them that they just THINK that they want to play games with us...but they have NO IDEA what they are getting themselves into.  For playing games around here is NO GAME AT ALL!

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