It was what I had officially dubbed "My Birthday Week" and I planned on doing a little something every day up until that big 48 (aka...50; considering I'm now subtracting a year).  Robby and I took in a couple of movies during the week, dined out and I even participated in a little "Retail Therapy", purchasing myself a few things.  However, toward the end of the week, I decided to venture out and do some...well, DANCING!

Robby and I had just gone to the movie the day before and my spirits lifted a bit as the guy taking our money for the tickets asked to see my ID.  Hmmm...I'm pretty sure THAT has never happened before in my life.  I glanced over my shoulder to find Robby rolling his eyes and saying, "I slipped him a few bucks to say that; as an early birthday present."  I turned back around to take my tickets and thought to myself, "I don't care".  Whatever the reason for asking for my ID was, I "felt" a little younger and so I suppose that is what may have inspired me to take on a couple of new activities in the days to come.

I had been at the gym for my usual yoga class when I noticed something new on the schedule; a jazz dance class.  I noted that it would be the following morning and decided, WHAT THE HECK?!  I showed up for the class, thinking that I would not overdo it (REALLY...When was the last time I had DANCED...for an HOUR?!).  If I got tired, I would just leave.  With that thought in my mind, the music suddenly started and I found myself enjoying this dance class more than I though I would!  And THAT is what prompted me to attend yet ANOTHER dance class the following morning; Tap dance.  YEA...I didn't realize at the time that I was biting off more than I could chew!

Now, in the past, I have loved a challenge where exercise classes are concerned.  Learning something new is always fun.  HEY!  I even talked Robby into going to salsa lessons with me at one time.  So, I tied up the tap shoes on my feet that I had purchased (If you tap...you MUST have tap shoes!) and then immediately hoped that I didn't slip and bust my behind in them; they're pretty slick!  As I looked around the room, most everybody was older than me...SURELY I could do this if they could (somehow forgetting that I had NEVER tapped before in my life!)  Well, I quickly found that deciding you are going to tap and doing it are 2 totally different things...

I enjoyed the warm-up and drills, where each step was explained and taken more slowly, but WOW...When we were required to put it all together, I often times looked like that child in the dance recital who just stands amongst her peers, watching their feet and not moving, herself.  Half way through the class, I pulled my wrap off because I was beginning to sweat profusely and I realized that perhaps my neckline was a bit too plunging for this group of ladies...OH, WHO CARED; I was literally catching fire, they would just have to indulge me this time. After all, we ALL had boobies!

One bottle of water was barely enough to make it through that class and by the end, those sweet ladies were telling me how well I had done (they were kind...and I suppose the boobies didn't offend them too much after all).  I must admit that I was a little weary (OK...I had hit the wall and it was only 11 a.m.).  I was glad that my yoga class was next.  I pulled out my mat and laid down on it like a young child, until the instructor arrived.  WHEW...What in the world had I been thinking?  Did I think "Dancing" into the next decade of my life would be a breeze?!  Well, it may not have been that easy...but it SURE WAS FUN!  Now, on to finish up the tail end of this "Birthday Week" of mine.  The kids have made their way in and Robby has planned to take us out for dinner tonight.  Just 24 more hours for me to relinquish my 40's...Still not sure I'm gonna do it!

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  1. I still don't like it and I have had three years to get used to it! Happy Birthday and enjoy the family.