Books I Am Reading Or Have Read..."Mockingjay"

I finally completed the final book in The Hunger Games Trilogy; "Mockingjay".  The "mockingjay" was introduced in the first book and carried through to the last.  First, worn as a pin on Katniss Everdeen's clothing, it quickly took hold among the rebel forces in Panem when she won the Hunger Games and defied the Gamemakers.  It became the symbol of the rebel forces who dreamed of one day gaining their freedom.

As I read this book, at one point I had to stop and remind myself that Katniss was only 17 years old.  Not that this story of rebellion and war would have been any easier to read, but to imagine the thought of a child having the responsibility of saving all the districts of Panem was a terrifying thought.  The Quarter Quell Games were even worse than the Hunger Games because all of the past tributes were still living were brought back to compete in these games.  If having children compete by killing one another wasn't bad enough, it was even crueler to see the now older individuals struggle to just survive.  And just when everyone thought all was lost and the Capitol would win again, the rebellion reared its head in a very large scale manner.

Unconscious, Katniss  awakes in District 13 only to find that the rebels have another plan for her; she is to be the face of the rebellion...she is to be "The Mockingjay".  Overwhelmed by not only this prospect, but also the fact that she does not know what has happened to Peeta or where he is, she finds herself distraught to the point of just barely surviving the mental battle that wage war within her own mind daily.  However, as she does begin to join the reality of her new life, it become very clear that the leaders of these rebels may be no different that the individuals who are currently in charge within the Capitol.

Katniss finds herself taking on the role of "The Mockingjay" and although it is not the rebellion's intent, she becomes totally engaged in the war on the front line.  She defies the authorities once again and pushes toward her ultimate goal; to reach the Capitol and President Snow and kill him.  Along the way, she learns about the cruelties and casualties of war and human nature.  Innocent people's lives are lost before her very eyes, others' minds are taken hostage because of the cruelties of the war and one thing is for certain; those in charge bear a striking resemblance to the people who are already in charge.

Katniss Everdeen..."The Mockingjay"; she is the 17 year old heroine of The Hunger Games.  Although just a child, she displays remarkable courage and an unwavering set of values.  I hope you have read "The Hunger Games Trilogy" along with me.   I thought it was a very unique series and one that was not easy to put aside (the mark of a good book, in my opinion).  If you have not read "The Hunger Games" yet, do so quickly...before the movie is released in March.  Meet the characters and get to know them on an intimate level before Hollywood gets to them.  Read these books today; you will not be disappointed!

                                                                   HAPPY READING!

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