A "Play Day" For Young And Old Alike...

I set aside another day this week to take my grand daughter, Parker Ann, to play with my mother (her great-grandmother...) for the day.  It brought smiles all around for everyone!

Although I am so busy with this wedding planning, sometimes I just must make myself set aside a little time to do something for others.  That came in the form of making a visit to my mother's house this week.  When Parker showed up for Caitlin's bridal shower last weekend, my mother insisted that they needed a "play day" soon.  Well, I knew that there would be no good or convenient time to do that, but decided that I may as well just set aside a day at the beginning of the week and head out that way.

First, I would have to rise at 5:30 to prepare to leave for my 45 minute drive to pick Parker Ann up for the day.  Then, we would turn around and drive another hour to get to my mother's house.  Thankfully, Parker is a wonderful traveler!  Once we arrived, Mam-Maw greeted us, along with the aroma of chicken and dumplings and cornbread wafting from the stove.

Mam-Maw's House...The house where I grew up.

Parker walked in liked she owned the place, chasing after Mam-Maw as she walked from room to room and taking toys out of the ancient toy collection that had survived numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  Mam-Maw, who is 83 years old, was so excited to have this tiny visitor for the day.  And a very busy day of playing for the both of them it would turn out to be.

"Hmmm...Now let's see; what can I do first?"

They took a walk outside...

And fed the birds...

And even had a heart-to-heart talk...

Once back inside the house, I had turned my head for just a moment when I noticed that my mother had plopped herself right down on the floor to play with Parker.

When it was time for Parker and I to make our hour-long trek back to Natchitoches, there were kisses and hugs passed all around.  It had been a very good day...A "Play Day" for my mother and her newest great-grand daughter.

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  1. What a great day. Now why the heck did they have to up and move to Natchitotoches again?