Please...Just Don't Come Back Saying, "You Guys"

I'm not psychic or anything, but I just knew this was going to happen.  You see, Kevin, Caitlin's fiance', was due to find out where he would be doing his residency after his graduation from medical school in May.  David, who will also graduate in May, was pretty confident that he would stay in the south somewhere and that made me happy.  But I have just had this sinking feeling that Kevin would end up in Ohio.  OHIO???  OH MY GOSH!...I can't really even tell you where that is exactly located on the map.  And isn't it cold there in the winter...and don't they say things like, "You Guys" (sigh...)

Although I kept thinking, Ohio...Ohio...Ohio...I never "really" let it sink in.  That is until a few days ago, Robby reminded me that the match day was coming up this week.  He asked me if I was going to cry when I found out that my daughter would most likely be moving away to Ohio (he had the same feeling as I...).  "Of course not!", I said with fervor.  "I'll just go there to see her...when I find out exactly where it's located, that is."  He then told me if I got in my car it would take 2 days to get there.  2 DAYS?!  WHAT???  And I suppose THAT'S when it began to sink in...  "Well, she just better not start saying 'You Guys' instead of 'Y'all'!  She CANNOT lose her 'southern heritage'...or accent!"

If I thought one semester in Washington, D.C. was difficult, 5 YEARS in Ohio could quite possibly be unbearable.  That is no short distance and I then began to think about the possibility of her getting pregnant and having children while she was there.  Not only would I not be able to share in her journey through pregnancy, but I would very seldom be able to see those children; unlike my good fortune to get to see Parker Ann two or three days a week.  OK..."ENOUGH!", I told myself.  "Be like Scarlett...Think about this another day."  Well, another day came a day sooner that I had thought it would.

The phone rang around 8 a.m.  As I glanced at the caller ID, I noticed that it was Caitlin calling.  Thinking it was a bit early for a call from her, I did not expect the news she had to impart this early on a Monday morning.  She had received a call from Kevin who had found out where his residency would be.  "WAIT A MINUTE!...I thought he wouldn't find out for another day", I stated in a strained voice.  I NEEDED another day to "not think about it!"  Too late...  She confirmed what I already knew in my heart...OHIO, it was.  He had received a double residency in Internal Medicine and Emergency Care in Cleveland, Ohio.

So, did tears come into my eyes?  They started to, but I just couldn't go there right now.  I had too much to accomplish this week.  And this was only Monday (I knew I never liked Mondays for a reason...).  I suppose the first thing I should do is find a map so I can locate this place called Ohio.  Google the weather there and find out what sort of things there are to do.  I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to start saving up all the points from my credit card too, since I'm sure I will be flying there quite frequently.  Oh well...I sure hope you like "Mudder-in-Law", Kev.!  Cause you will will be getting to spend quite a bit of "quality time" with her over the NEXT 5 YEARS in this place called, OHIO!...So my daughter doesn't forget how to say "Y'all" with that southern drawl of hers...

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