Cookin' Up A Kitchen and Recipe Shower...

Although the deadline for mailing the Save-the-Dates was looming over my head like a black cloud, guests were arriving for the weekend and I still had not found the time to box up all of my Christmas decorations, another shower was on the calendar for today...a recipe and kitchen shower!

When I made it home from a day of taking my mother to lunch and then shopping for our shower gifts, I saw Kevin heading upstairs!!  A look of panic swept across my face as I raced to find Caitlin.  "I thought I told you NOT to let him even GO upstairs!"  Waving me off with a relaxed smile on her face, she told me she had "picked up the room".  Hmmm...I asked her if she had boxed all of my decorations up.  "No, I just moved all the presents off of the bed and stacked them on the floor (GREAT...with all the other crap!).  I couldn't even make myself go up there.  If there WAS a small family living up there, Kevin would just have to make friends with them; there was nothing I could do about it now.  We went out for dinner and then I came home, got a bubble bath (bubble are a restorative remedy for whatever ails you...) and got into bed.  The next day would be another busy one; Caitlin would be having her Kitchen and Recipe Shower.

Robby and David got up before the sun did, heading to meet Justin at the lake for a day of fishing, while Catlin and I readied ourselves for her shower.  Luckily we would not have to travel far; the shower was being held right around the corner at my mother-in-law's house.  Caitlin's two sister-in-laws, Sarah and Codi, along with a cousin and good family friend were giving her this shower.  They all lived out of town, so Robby's mother was kind enough to allow them to use her home for the event.  Here are a few photographs of the event I wanted to share with y'all...

The table was not only beautifully set, the food was delicious as well.

Caitlin with her hostesses.

Gorgeous live flowers could be found all over the house.

Parker Ann even got to attend the shower!

Caitlin got LOTS of wonderful kitchen gifts, along with recipes to try out in her new home.

Both of Caitlin's grandmothers were also in attendance...

From Caitlin and me...THANKS, girls for a FABULOUS shower!

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