Having One Of MANY, "Mini" Wedding Planning Break Downs!

The day after Christmas, I felt the pressure of the wedding planning creeping back upon me.  With the exception of one shower during the week of Christmas, I had pretty much put my "Wedding To-Do List" out of my head during the weeks preceding the holiday.  However, when all of the presents had been unwrapped and the goodies eaten, there it was...just sitting there waiting for my attention.

I needed to feel like I had accomplished SOMETHING, so I googled a web-site my sister-in-law told me about.  It was called "Smart Wedding".  She told me to download the program and there would be a list of things that I needed to do for the wedding; checking off the things I had already done, she was sure would make me feel better.  I did just that and was quite pleasantly surprised by the fact that I was not behind on one single thing!  How could that be when I FELT so behind?  Hmmm...there was only one thing to do now; put it in HIGH GEAR and steam full throttle ahead into the new year with some MAJOR WEDDING PLANNING!

I made a list for Caitlin and told her to have the things on it done by the end of the day...Yes, you heard me right, A DAY!  Well, the things really weren't that difficult:  Go with Kevin and look at Tuxedos, make an appointment with the bakery to discuss cakes, write her thank-you notes from her shower, print out copies of reception ideas for us to take to the wedding coordinator and make appointments with her veil maker and alterations lady.  OH...and did I mention that we would also be heading to Dallas the following weekend to meet with the the coordinator, veil maker and alterations lady?!  Yep!  There's nothing like a "Traveling Wedding Planning Trip" to get things jump started!

By Jan. 2nd, everyone had either returned to work or school and our first appointment was upon us; the bakery.  Caitlin and I headed out with photos in hand to discuss the wedding cakes.  As I sat there waiting, I began to wonder just exactly how much a wedding cake could cost.  I had only been the mother-of-the groom twice before, so this was all new to me.  As the head baker sat down and looked at what we wanted, he let his computer figure the prices accordingly and as numbers began to appear upon the screen, I had to rub my eye more than once; surely there had to be a mistake.  This was CAKE...You EAT cake.  OH MY GOSH!  My eyes then began to glaze over as he explained why the gum paste flowers ON the cake were going to cost MORE than the cake, itself.  I was also wondering how I could EVER take these numbers to "George Banks" (Robby...) for approval.  I sat there throughout the consultation, just nodding every now and then at this point.  When Caitlin and I got up, we got into the car, looked at each other and frantically began to attempt to think of some other bakery we could visit!  We had heard of another newer place in a neighboring town and Caitlin found it on her gps and we immediately headed out there.  When we drove up, there was a large sign that said, "By Appointment Only".  As I opened my door to get out, Caitlin nodded toward the sign and I said, "I'm just going in there and ASK if I have to make an appointment"; she followed me.  The lady told me to come on in (THAT'S why you go ahead in...without an appointment) and she would give us an estimate on our cakes.  After finishing our consultation with Bakery # 2 and getting a quote of 1/3 of the price from Bakery #1...SHE WAS HIRED!

I was feeling pretty good about getting the cakes out of the way...I could go back and check that off of my list!  Now, we just had to get our things packed and ready to head to Dallas the next day.  Pack the wedding dress...and the shoes...and my veil that Caitin was going to have redesigned to go with her dress...and the photos of flowers...and WAIT! WHAT IS THAT?!  Is that MY wedding dress box?!  What are you doing with that?!

                                    *****TO BE CONTINUED...*****

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