I'm Just Gonna Be A "Slug", Saturday...

I had already decided by Wednesday that on Saturday I was just going to be a slug.  You know, I was going to have one of those lazy Saturdays where nothing was expected of me and I might just stay in my pajamas all day long.

Robby had been out of town all week on a hunting trip and it had been just me and the doxies.  Since he would be getting back on Thursday, I had already decided to pack the doxies up and head to the lake house to meet him.  Caitlin would drive in on Friday after her last class and we would spend the entire weekend there.

As I thought about all the little projects I had on my plate, I decided that I would just take a day off and not plan on doing anything.  The weather had turned cooler, but rain was supposed to return by the weekend.  I would sleep in, sit by the fire, sip some hot chocolate and well, basically just be a slug.  I might not even get out of my pajamas, but definitely would not be getting out of my fuzzy slippers.  If indeed it did rain, I would just snuggle up with a blanket in my big overstuffed chair and alternately read my book and watch movies or marathons on television.

And when the sun went down in the evening, I would amble out to my back porch, where I would throw a couple of logs in the new fireplace Robby and the boys had just built to surprise me a couple of weeks ago.  We would sit there and listen to the night sounds as we pulled a bag of marshmallows out and toasted them until they were golden brown and gooey.

Yes, I was going to give myself this gift on Saturday.  I was going to take the moments when I could; slow down, relax, enjoy a day off...

Here's to wishing EVERY ONE of you a "Slug Saturday" too!

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