A Procrastinator Doth NOT A Good Wedding Planner Make!!

My procrastination and somewhat state of disorganization have finally caught up with me.  Admitting that I have these problems is supposed to be part of a recovery process.  It is not that I have trouble focusing on "all" things...just those that are monotonous and bore me.

Everything was clicking along pretty well until my attention was required for the more tedious matters involved with this wedding planning.  I decided to tackle the one task that I have dreaded for so long; compiling the wedding list.  It was necessary that I work on this, this week since the Save-the-Dates had to be in the mail by the last day of the month...yeah, I know, that's like NEXT TUESDAY! (ugh...)

I printed all of my various address lists off of the computer, placed them in a box with the Save-the-Dates and headed off to baby-sit Parker Ann.  I told myself that while she was napping, I would work furiously on them.  I actually got about half of the 150 envelopes addressed when she woke up.  I set my project aside...I would work on them again the next day.

As I was dragging that box of cards out to attempt to finish them, I noticed a bag laying on the floor of my car.  Looking inside, I noticed the thank-you notes that Caitlin had given me to finish addressing and put in the mail this week...CRAP!  I laid the Save-the Dates aside and hurriedly began addressing the thank-you notes, got them stamped and in the mailbox before she got home from school and discovered that I had procrastinated on that task too.  Technically, I DID get them in the mail this week, so I wasn't actually "behind".  Now, it was back to my address list and the remainder of the Save-the Dates...

Just as I was settling in and beginning to focus, I got a text message from Caitlin:  "Kevin finishes his rotation today and wants to come in for the weekend; will that be OK?"  I told her, "Sure" and then it hit me...the upstairs room where he generally stays was an absolute disaster area.  I still had Christmas decorations that needed to be boxed up and wedding gifts covering the entire surface of the bed.  In fact, it was so bad that there could have been a small family living up there and I would have never known.  I quickly sent a message back that said," He will have to sleep on the couch bed in the office...Oh, and do NOT let him even go upstairs!

OK, so David was coming in town this weekend, Caitlin had another shower on Saturday, Kevin was now also coming in, I had invitations to address, the buzzards were circling my house and...another text came through; it was Caitlin again:  "Hey, Mom...Do you think we could buy a King Cake this weekend?"  OH MY GOSH!!!  What is wrong with these people?!  OK...regroup, regroup, regroup.  Take a deep breath.  I realize that this problem with the addresses and Save-the-Dates is totally self-inflicted.  I look at the clock; it's time to go to the gym...and then take my mother to lunch...and then go buy presents for the shower Saturday.  Oh well, today is Friday and I've got until Tuesday to get those cards in the mail...no problem!  After all, I'm half way done.  Surely, I can find some time Sunday afternoon after everyone leaves...I HOPE!

This Save-the-Date was a DIY joint project.  Caitlin found the design, Kevin painted the props and I took the photographs!  The cards were made by Shutterfly.

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