Books I Am Reading Or Have Read..."Catching Fire (Book 2 of "The Hunger Games")"

Every chance I got during the busy Christmas season, I had my Kindle in hand continuing "The Hunger Games" trilogy.  I just completed Book 2: "Catching Fire" and it was as much of a compelling read as the first book.

In "Catching Fire", The Hunger Games are over and this time something unusual has occurred.  Instead of only having one winner, two victors have emerged from District 12; Katniss and Peeta.  Their victory, however, is not a sweet one.  It is complicated, rather by the fact that Katniss pulled one over on the Game Makers when they changed the rules at the very end of the games.  The fact that she thumbed her nose at the establishment was enough to seal her death.  The Capitol and President Snow, in particular would not have that death come easily for her;there would be another contest.

Just when Katniss had done the unthinkable by surviving the The Hunger Games, she barely had time to savor that accomplishment and all the comforts that came along with it, for when President Snow suddenly showed up on her doorstep, she knew that trouble would surely follow.  And follow, it did; in the form of the Quarter Quell.  These were games set up every 25 years to also remind the people of each district not to mess with the Capitol; a reminder that no one was ever safe from the far-reaching hand of the government.

You see, the Capitol has a distinct unfair advantage; they make the rules as they go along.  Therefore, two victors (who were supposed to be safe from the games for life) from each district were chosen to re-enter the arena and once again fight for their lives in another round of deathly games.  Of course, Katniss and Peeta are thrust back into the arena, with Haymitch as their mentor once again.  New characters are introduced, but the theme of this book is revolution; thus, the title, "Catching Fire".

In Book 1, Katniss was dressed as the "girl on fire" and that theme continues through Book 2, however, with deeper meaning.  Her nose thumbing at the establishment has ignited people throughout every district into revolting against the Capitol.  The Quarter Quell games becomes the Capitol's answer to controlling this revolution.  But, it is enough?  Can the people overthrow the government?  And who will come out as victors of these new games? 

If you have read the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy, you cannot resist immediately picking up "Catching Fire".  And once the final page has been turned in this book, you had better have the final book ("Mockingjay") in hand. These books are so fast-paced, with surprising turns at every corner, one can barely put them down.  If you haven't delved into Suzanne Collins', "Hunger Game Trilogy", then consider doing so won't be disappointed!

                                                               HAPPY READING!

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