The Feeling Of Accomplishment That Comes At The End Of A Project...

Don't you just LOVE the feeling that comes as you complete a lengthy (or any...) project at all?  First, there is the "vision".  Then, the "preparation".  And finally, you delve into the project and there may be bumps and snags along the way, but when it is completed and you stand back and admire what your hard work has rewarded you with, there is no other feeling like it!

As most of you may already know, knitting is one of my "Favorite Things".  I research, gather supplies and then jump into projects, some which can be very drawn out.  The project I just completed (at 11 p.m. last night...) was one of those very projects.  You see, I saw the pattern in the 2008 Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting Magazine.  I TOLD you I often times DRAAWW a project out.  Well, that is because of several reasons, that I am currently attempting to avoid.  I see other projects, get distracted, start on them...and THEN come back to the lengthy project that is still waiting for me.  Oh well...I suppose that is one of the things I love about knitting; it cannot be hurried and it is always there waiting for you when you have time for it.  However, since I decided to quit getting side-tracked by the attractiveness of other projects, I set my mind to finishing this project.

                                            Vogue Knitting Magazine/2008 Holiday Issue

Now, it wasn't as if I had the option NOT to finish the project; it was both a BEAUTIFUL and COSTLY one.  I had ordered the exact yarn that was shown in the magazine; a wonderful golden, beaded yarn and another skein that was not beaded for the fringe.  OH...I haven't told you what the project was yet; an over sized lacy stole. 

The "Lacy Stole"...

My "Inspiration"

Although the fall and winter found me very busy, with baby-sitting Parker Ann (she doesn't allow knitting on her clock...), planning holiday festivities and then the added tasks involved with Caitlin's wedding planning, I still tried to find time each night to sit down and add a few inches to my project.  Robby watched from his recliner and commented that I had been working on it for YEARS (which technically I had...on and off) and he doubted that I would ever complete it.  I continued to knit.

The stole pattern instructions said that it should measure 72 inches long, so every couple of days, I would get my tape measure out to see how many inches I had left.  Over the weekend, I did just that to find that it actually measured a little longer;  YIPPEE!!!  I had done it...the end was in sight!

As I sat down last night and began to bind the edge off of my knitting needles, I toyed with the idea of just setting it aside for the night and adding the fringe the next day...then I decided NOT to let my procrastination take over.  I knew it was getting late, but I really wasn't tired.  I got out the wrinkled instructions, cut my fringe and began to attach it to my stole.  The closer I got to the end, the more excited I became!  There was NO WAY I was going to bed before this thing was done and I could wrap it around my shoulders.

When I had put the last bit of fringe on, I picked my new stole up gently and walked to the mirror.  I wrapped it around my shoulders and neck and admired the way it fell across my back.  I LOVED this stole and thought about the many times in the beginning that I had torn stitches out and started over again.  It was SO worth finishing this project.  My mind raced at the possibilities it had; to be worn with jeans or dresses or the long, flirty skirt.  Even the realization that this is exactly how heirlooms are created.  One day this stole would hopefully be passed down to my daughter and grand daughters.  As I carefully took it from around my shoulders and folded it up for the night, I smiled.  I was happy with this new creation.  Then just before I headed off to bed, I opened a new knitting book I had just bought to a pattern I would start next...

My completed "Lacy Stole"

I can't wait to put this on and wear it out!

Here are a few of my "Favorite" knitting things..
1.  She has GREAT sales!
2.  Vogue Knitting Magazine  It has patterns for LOTS of beautiful projects
3.  Knit Simple Magazine  It also has lots of knitting projects
4.  This is a wonderful site for knitters of all levels that even has
instructional videos.

***I just subscribed to the new Debbie Bliss Knitting Magazine, but have not received it yet; it should be GREAT!***


  1. Yours is beautiful and you will look much better than the model in it!

  2. Ahhh... Thanks! Such a loyal friend!

  3. Hihihi, I agree with Lori :) Beautiful :) Greetings from Poland :)