Losing One's "Man Card" Couldn't Be More Fun (From a Woman's Point of View)

While I was still in Ohio, Hubby got real ambitious.  He gave his four LSU tickets away to the kids to go tailgate and watch the game in Baton Rouge.  That's when I asked him, "Who's watching Parker?"  Then quickly reminded him that his mother and father were out of town for the weekend.  From the other end of the telephone line I could almost see the look on his face.  I told him that I supposed HE would just have to watch her...after all it was a day game.  It wasn't like he would have to keep her overnight by himself.  He reminded me that he had never kept her by himself.  I reminded him that I had.  No big deal...right"?!  (He-He!)

Now, I have kept Parker Ann many times by myself, even overnight when Hubby has been out of town.  Yes, she likes to keep you busy, but the most important rule is:  PACE YOURSELF.  I tried to emphasize this rule when Hubs face timed me early Saturday morning.  Sure, the game was a day game, but that also meant that Parker would be dropped off early and they wouldn't be back until late.  I'm afraid he did not heed my warning concerning that rule.
I could hear Parker saying, "Poppi, we are going to make cookies!"  And then I heard her dragging her step stool out of the pantry,  along with the canister of sugar and flour.  SO...baking cookies was FIRST on the agenda bright and early that morning.
The next text I received was of Parker in her car seat.  I asked where they were going...to the Fair!  Oh, Wow!  It still wasn't even noon yet and they had already baked cookies and were heading to the fair?  I could foresee an early crash and burn.  Oh, not from Parker Ann...from Hubby!
When they arrived at the Fair, Hubs sent a text that said, "What is the matter with me?  I never did all of this by myself with my own kids...I think I'm losing my "Man Card" today.  I replied, "I think it's sweet.  You've become a Poppi, that's what has happened to you."
  They visited the baby barnyard, where Parker was able to not only look at but also pet the animals.
He was sending a group text, so this is the picture that came next, along with this message:  "YES, we washed our hands afterwards."
              Because we KNEW they would be heading over to get their FAVORITE FAIR TREATS!
       And then, Parker looked over at Poppi and said, "Hey, can I have a taste of your candy apple?"
                                            Seems she liked it a LOT.  And finished it off!
Don't let those eyes fool you; they are not "Sleepy Nap Eyes.  They are "I Have Had An Overload Of Sugar Eyes" and will not be taking a nap today.  OH...It still wasn't noon yet!  (I think Poppi might be a little bit of a rookie!)
Next, they went to the library.  Parker LOVES the library and can tell you exactly what she wants to do there.  She played on the computer first.
                                       Then colored some beautiful pictures to take home.
              And had Poppi read her some books and play games with the stuffed animals there.
FINALLY it was time for lunch.  When Poppi told her they were going to Micky Dee's for lunch, she said, "No, Poppi, we're not going to Micky Dee's; we're going to McDonald's."  OK...so he taught her a synonym that day.  While at McDonald's, Hubs got to witness what we mommies have had to see for years; the often times unruly behavior displayed in the play area.  As he was telling me about it, I had to laugh inside.  "And there was this little girl who was WAY too old to be jumping on top of the shoe rack; she was school age and could read the sign herself...not to mention that she wouldn't listen to her grandparent.  She was just breaking rules left and right, when suddenly she appeared at our table, in my face and said, HEY!  Can she come play with me??"  Never changing the inflection in his voice, he said, "Absolutely not."  Confused, the child once again asked, "Even when she is finished eating?"  Once again he said, "Absolutely not."  OK...so, he let Parker play on one part of the equipment for a little while...with him standing there next to her.  When I asked Parker about her trip to McDonald's later she said, "Ya Ya, that little girl was just breaking all the rules, so I couldn't play with her."  I thought this was a good experience for him to see what we moms have had to endure forever. (He-He!)

He went home in hopes of watching some of the LSU game on television while Parker napped.  He put her in the play room, turned her movie on and settled into his recliner.  That's when her sent me this text message:  "I NEED YOU!  I don't know HOW you do it."  Now, THAT is what I'm talking about!  (Ha Ha!)  I've been waiting 30 long years to hear those words.  And ya know what my reply was?  "I'm a Ya Ya and I have magical Ya Ya Powers!"  About that time (10 minutes after putting her in the play room...), Parker came back into the room and said, "Oh, Poppi, I am so glad I took that nap...now can we paint?!"  I don't think they painted, but Poppi DID make Play Dough cupcakes with her while they watched the game.

In all honesty, I have to admit that he did really good with a 3 year old...all day...by himself.  I don't know many grandfathers who would be up for that task, so I have to give him 2 THUMBS UP!  After all, as I like to say..."You were just making some more memories.  And to me it looked like you had an awfully  LOT of FUN losing that "Man Card" of yours!" (wink, wink!)

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