Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Well, I made it back from Ohio without a hitch.  I got up at 3 am on Sunday to take the early flight back in hopes of no delays...and it worked!  However, although I got back early, I brought a nasty little stomach bug back with me.  But there was something sitting on the counter when I got in that made me feel significantly better; I had won a gift basket from a raffle!

I bought the tickets before I left for Ohio from a little girl who attends the school where I used to teach.  They were giving away five themed gift baskets and the raffle tickets were only $2 each, so I just told her to put two tickets on each basket, gave her a twenty dollar bill and then pretty much forgot about it...Because you see, I NEVER win anything!

Well, for never winning anything, I sure did hit the JACKPOT this time...
            That would be the list of things and gift cards that came with my Spa Basket.
Pretty AWESOME, huh?!  Hundreds of dollars worth of goodies!  Now, I can't WAIT to start using all of those gift certificates and start pampering myself.

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