When YaYa Comes To Visit...

I spent a week in Ohio with Caitlin, Kevin and Holli.  I really thought that Robby would be able to make the trip with us, but he had to work.  So...Off I went into the "Wild, Blue Yonder" again.  Flying this time wasn't too bad.  Or maybe it's just that I'm getting used to it because I was actually delayed for a couple of hours going.  Anyway, I finally made it there and then proceeded to make every single minute count while there!

                I did a fair (OK..A HUGE) amount of rocking, hugging and snuggling on this little one.
                               And some mornings, she just "magically" appeared in my bed!
        We went on afternoon walks where we had to bundle up because of the cool weather...
                And that is where Holli ended up taking her afternoon naps most of the time.
While I was there, it was time for Holli to get her 6 month check-up...with shots...and to get her ears pierced! (YIKES!)
After weighing and measuring her (She's over 15 pounds now and 26 1/2 inches long!), the pediatrician started marking her ears for the piercing.
                              Look at that sweet little face; she had no idea what was coming.
                                                                            OH NO!!
        Seriously, the ear piercing was not bad at all; she stopped crying almost immediately.
                                                                    BLING, BLING!
                See, she wasn't even crying...Until they gave her that tray full of shots (Boo...)

                        After a day of all those needles, we moved on to more fun things...
                                                 Like getting dressed up every day...

                                                                    To eat out...
                                                                             And SHOP...
                                                                     Till we DROPPED!!
And then one day while we were rocking, I told her I was going to have to leave in a couple of days.  She said, "What do you MEAN you're going to be leaving?!"

I had a GREAT time visiting the Cleveland Crew and, of course, was sad to leave them.  But don't worry...They will be flying south in a few weeks.

P.S.  I'm already trying to teach Holli to say, "Daddy, we want to be 'Snow Birds' so we can fly south to YaYa's House for the winter!"  (Do you think that will work?!)

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