A Double Baby Dedication

After Hubby's BIG 50th CELEBRATION, we had another big day on Saturday as we all headed to Shreveport for a family friend's wedding.  And then Sunday was a Double Baby Dedication for our babies, with both Holli and Beckett being dedicated at our church.

                             And look who showed up in my bed first thing that morning!
   These two sweet babies enjoyed playing with each other while their parents got dressed for church.
                                                     And then it was time for breakfast...
                       I love seeing these two babies of mine taking care of their two babies.
And when I emerged from my room ready to leave, I found that these two cuties were both dressed in blue for their special day...and it wasn't even planned!
Kevin could not get off from work for the dedication so David and Codi decided to dedicate Beckett at the same time so Caitlin wouldn't have to be there by herself.
                                  And, of course, I was there to help out with the babies too.
This is one of my favorite pictures of the day.  Both of my children were dedicated in this church, baptized in this church and married there; it was a pretty special day.
                            I had to have a picture of me and these two precious ones as well.
After the church service, we (all 23 of us...) ate lunch in the church restaurant, where we were also lucky enough to snap this family photo in front of a Christmas tree...I'm thinking Christmas card photo?

The weekend was busy, fun, loud and filled with a house bursting at the seams with all of my family here... just what I like!  Who could ask for anything better?

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