Knit, Knit...And Knit Some MORE!

Lately I have been knitting like a mad woman.  Somehow I got hooked on making hats and I just cannot get enough!  When I was in Ohio visiting Caitlin, we were both sitting there one evening, I was knitting and she was crocheting, when we began to toy with the idea of opening an Etsy shop and selling our handmade items.  Once I got back home, we began to look at the idea more seriously and started tossing around possible catchy names for our shop.  We knew we wanted something that was either about a sheep or yarn and something that basically showed how much we love making these homemade knitted and crocheted items.  Finally we came up with the "Perfect" name; itty knitty noggins!

Caitlin and I quickly finished up some projects and she created an Instagram account where we offered a "Sneak Peek" of some of the items we would be offering (@ittyknittynoggins).  Next, quite a bit of time was spent designing an Etsy web site, where all of our items for sale can be found.  And the banner at the top of the page has the cutest picture of a little sheep!  (Love those sheep...).  So, as of last Friday evening, we are "officially" OPEN FOR BUSINESS and ready to start clicking our needles together to bring our customers the cutest and finest quality knitted and crocheted items possible.  Currently, we are concentrating on children's items but I have been working on some adult hats and head pieces as well.  Check us out if you get a chance at:

Here are some of the pieces we have listed in the shop...
                       Here's the announcement Caitlin posted on Instagram the day we opened!
And, of course, two of our very own beautiful baby models, showing off their cute little hand-knitted hats.
We have headbands...

More hats...
And even some little shoes...
SO...Needless to say, we have been VERY BUSY clicking those needles of ours together.  Stop by and check out this new shop of ours if you have time.  We are adding new items weekly and are already working on some ADORABLE Christmas hats and headband!

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  1. extreme cuteness...the headbands are cute too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. You help to make it so much fun.♥