Back Yard Renovation Finished Just In Time For A Birthday Celebration!

For the past couple of weeks, I have have been busy beyond belief.  Caitlin and Holli came in for 10 days, followed by all of the other kids and grand kids for what was a super fun weekend of events!

First, I had been planning Robby's big 50th birthday celebration for quite some time.  While he was gone on a hunting trip, I finalized all of the details with a little help from Pinterest...
 Thankfully, the back yard renovation was FINALLY finished and we could entertain for the party out there!

                           With the help of Pinterest, I placed cute little 50th posters around...

                                                              Pinterest-Inspired Poster.
              I hung the pallet wine rack that Justin made me over the farm sink. (Pinterest)

 The Cake Barn created this great cake in keeping with my "Aged to Perfection" theme for the party.
                                                 I found these cute napkins on E-Bay!
                                                         Another little Pinterest project.
          YAY!  My furniture made it in before the party!  I was sweating it there for a while.

                                   We also got the bathroom finished by hanging the mirror.

The party turned out great and I am so happy that his space is finally ready so that we can enjoy our back yard again!  The party was only the beginning, though; we had more events planned for this busy weekend...

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