Baby Watch and Baby Number 5 Has a Name

Did you forget?  We are expecting Grand Number 4, Lila Kate on Christmas Eve!  And with the event this close, we are all  preparing for a baby to come at any time.  Sarah has the nursery ready and all of our Christmas shopping is about complete.  And, as Hubby says, I am speed knitting.  He has brought the fact to my attention that the more anxious I become, the faster I knit.  And that actually may be true.  In the last couple of weeks I knitted Lila Kate two hats, knitted a friend's grand baby three hats and almost finished Grand Number 5's blanket!

Up until now, I haven't really thought about how close it was to Lila Kate's arrival.  Oh, we have been seeing Sarah several times a week and watching her belly grow but all of a sudden...It's almost time!  And I have suddenly gotten really excited about welcoming a new baby into our Big, Fat, Southern Family.

While together last weekend, I asked the two girls to take a picture together for me...Belly to belly, of course!

                                                                   How cute it this?!
Sarah is on the right, showing off Lila Kate, who is just about ready to make her entrance and on the left is Allison.  She is due March the 8th and up until now we have been referring to this baby as "Number 5" (as in Grand Baby number 5).  However, they have finally settled on a name and I LOVE it!  "Olivia Ryan".  She is being named after Allison's father, whose name is Ollie and her own daddy, Ryan.

Now, we just WAIT.  I'm just waiting for that call that says Lila Kate is on her way.  Our little Christmas Baby!

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