There's Nothing Like a Southern Christmas

While at a Christmas get together Saturday, a friend and I were discussing how southerners just know how to do Christmas right.  She had spent Christmas last year with one of her children in Los Angeles and although they celebrated the holiday, it just wasn't the same as Christmas in the south.

We southerners like to really do it up for Christmas.  We decorate not only our homes but ourselves as well for the entire month of December.  And the first weekend of EVERY December, you can find us at our lake house in Natchitoches, Louisiana to celebrate the Festival of Lights.
          Yep...Imagine this.  It is the view from our lake house.  Beautiful, isn't it?  Peaceful too.

Natchitoches is a great little historic town that has festivals all year round, centered around Cane River Lake.  Each Saturday in December there is an awesome fireworks display in the town, however, that first weekend is when the big parade can be seen and our friends have pretty much an open door party at their home.  When I say open door, I mean people literally come in and out all day long, eating, visiting and just generally having a good time.  My daughter-in-law, Allison calls it the "Christmas House".

I suppose this "open house" came about because pretty much everybody knows everybody here and with the house being within walking distance of the parade and town, itself, it makes for the perfect spot for people to meet.  And, of course, there is SO MUCH FOOD being constantly put out...who even needs to worry with restaurant reservations that day?

This year, Justin and Ryan and their families joined us for the Christmas Festival and, as usual, we had a great time.  I took as many photos as I could to show y'all how we do Christmas here in the south!

 Yes...Even the bathrooms are decorated!
                                                       And then it was PARADE TIME!
                                         Parker Ann had the BEST seat for parade watching.
                                                                  YAY!!!  It's SANTA.
 Then it was time to go back and wait for the fireworks display.  Parker Ann found a new friend that day.  They were inseparable.
            The children all sat on the bottom part of the boat dock to watch the fireworks.
                                                This fireworks display never disappoints!
                                                    And "The City of Lights" is now lit.
However, as we got ready to leave, I could not resist snapping a shot of the boats sitting out on the river, moonlight peeking from the clouds.
THIS is what a southern Christmas is all about.  Family, friends, good food. traditions,  an open door where everyone knows everyone.  And a front porch for sitting, drinking hot chocolate, sweet tea or coffee, while visiting with your neighbors.  THAT'S the south.  And I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

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