Who Cares About That Darn Elf Losing Its Magic?!

OK, so I bought into the whole "Elf on the Shelf" thing.  I bought all three of my grands one.  OK...I bought myself one too.  I love little elves.  So much so that I have a vintage elf collection.  I, however, did not know how much work there would be with one of these little rascals.  Last year, the oldest grand came to visit for a few days and along with her came Woody (the elf).  I was told that I needed to make sure Woody was "hiding" in a different place when Parker woke up each morning because she would instantly begin searching for him.  For me, this was kinda like the Tooth Fairy thing.  You know what I'm talking about, don't you?  You forget about it until the child wakes up and you get this panicked feeling while scrambling through the house putting him somewhere without them seeing you do it.  That was me.  This year, the two babies get to use their "Elf on the Shelf" and so far it has been pretty interesting.

Beckett is visiting his other grands so he hasn't been able to use his yet, however, Holli got introduced to her elf, named it and immediately broke all the rules.  I know, I know...she sounds a bit like her YaYa where rules are concerned.  You see, apparently if you touch the elf, he loses all his magic.  Well, that's what the book says, at least.  But Holli...she didn't seem to care at all about the magic (she IS only 20 months old).  Once she was introduced to LuLu, it was all over; there was no taking that elf away from her.  Whether she lost her magic or not.  And that's when I finally came to my senses.  It's just a story.  A book.  I mean really...It's just a piece of fiction; elves don't even exist (do they?).  And who needs rules where elves are concerned anyway?  So I say..."Give her the elf!  Let her play with it.  Enjoy it.  For goodness sakes, can't you tell she doesn't give a flip about the elf losing its magic?!"
                  This is what happened when he mommy tried to take the elf away from her.
                                                              The she gave it back.
 Now, how in the world could you not give this baby the elf?!  Even if it does mean it loses its magic!

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