Christmas Time and the Important Things...

Often times we get so caught up in the trappings of the season that we forget to simply slow down and enjoy the moment.  Oh, it's an easy thing to do I am guilty of the same thing.  This year, for some reason (and it will most likely never happen again), I got caught up early on everything.  My presents are wrapped and under the tree so I am able to get up in the mornings and enjoy those sparkling lights.  I've already made the grocery store run and actually put away 6...Yes, 6!...casseroles in the freezer.  This was yet another attempt at making things easier when our "13" are here for the holidays.  Most of the time we spend SO much of our time in the kitchen so I decided to make ahead and freeze so we can sit and enjoy our family more this year.  The Hubby and I even finished a HUGE project I started a couple of months back...purging the attic of all its useless junk and organizing everything else.  Ummm...yea, if you are asking WHY would I choose to do this during the holidays well you are not alone...I asked myself that every day while doing it!  But now that it's done I am so glad we did it and the Hubs can breathe easily knowing that the ceiling isn't going to fall down upon his head while watching television.

 Not only are my presents under the tree, but Sarah has already brought theirs.  You should see it when they ALL are under there!
                      I LOVE my NEW, CLEAN ATTIC!  You can actually walk in there now.
The closet leading to the attic is clean as well.  And now Baby Bed Number 2 is placed there for Beckett to sleep in during the holiday.
The upstairs room is finally cleaned up too!  This is where everything had to go as it came out of the attic.  I thought we would never see the floor in there again!

I've already made my first batch of home made cinnamon rolls and delivered some them to some special friends around town and about to start on Batch Number 2 for my BIG, FAT FAMILY.  I finished knitting all of Lila Kate's hats and am almost finished knitting Olivia's blanket.  OH...and I have also started a FUN NEW PROJECT (I Hubby would say, "Just what you need...another project!").  I am keeping an ART JOURNAL!  I'm actually not stressed out right now and I must say it feels good.  Now, saying that, things could change at any moment, especially with 13 people staying at the same house AND a new baby to be born any time between now and the 26th.  That's the UPDATE, y'all:  Sarah's due date if the 24th (That's TOMORROW!!).  She will go in to be put on a monitor to make sure the baby is OK and not under any stress.  If everything is OK and she does not go into labor by herself, the doctors will induce the morning of the 26th at 5:30 a.m.
Here are the pans of Home Made Cinnamon Rolls about to go in the oven; SO YUMMY!  It's the Pioneer Woman's Recipe.  You should definitely TRY IT!
             I'm having LOT of FUN with the ART JOURNAL!  Hope I'm able to keep it up...
                                          This is my NEW FAVORITE BABY HAT pattern!
   Sarah liked it a lot too and asked if I could "whip another one up" before Lila Kate got here.

This new blanket pattern is so pretty and easy.  Knitted in Lilac, which will be one of the colors in Olivia's nursery.  I better get to knitting faster if I want to get it done by her January baby shower!

Tonight Caitlin, Kevin and Holli will be getting in and tomorrow the FUN WILL BEGIN!  Everyone else will filter in throughout the day and early afternoon will find us attending a Christmas Eve Service at our church, followed by our Annual Cookie Cook-Off.  I know that this time is going to fly by so quickly that it will simply take my breath away.  And that is why I am determined to STOP.  Take a deep breath.  RELAX.  And ENJOY THE MOMENT.  Because these times are what is important in life.  When everything is all stripped away FAMILY and the MEMORIES made with them is what is really important in life.  I hope you enjoy your time during the holidays and make the very most of it.
                                                             MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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