Because Fall Comes Late in the South...

It's December here in Louisiana and the temperature here got to 80 degrees yesterday!  OK...Please don't hate us but it was an absolutely lovely day.  Just within the past couple of weeks the leaves have begun to turn a beautiful golden color but unfortunately they are falling fast.

But, as lovely as the day was, by the time I headed home the sky had begun to turn gray and later the rain began to fall bringing with it...cooler temperatures...again.  So, Hubby decided that he would make a Shepherds Pie for dinner but HEY!  I don't eat red meat OR white potatoes (sigh...).  Lucky for me he accidentally took out ground turkey instead of ground beef (He-He!) and I got to enjoy such a delicious, hearty, yet Paleo friendly meal.  It was so yummy that I think all of you should also enjoy the recipe:

                                                 SWEET POTATO SHEPHERDS PIE
Ground Turkey
Minced Onion
1 Sweet Potato
Tapioca Flour
Almond Milk
Salt and Pepper

Mince some onion and mix it with the ground turkey, cumin, paprika, salt and pepper.  Brown this mixture and set aside.  I put my sweet potato in a plastic bag and stick it in the microwave until done.  Peel the potato, mash it up and add some Almond Milk until the potato becomes creamy.  Season the mashed potato with salt and pepper.  Put the meat mixture in a ramekin and then top it with the mashed potato.  Place the ramekin in a 350 degree oven.  Just leave the dish in long enough to slightly brown the potatoes.  Take it out and enjoy a wonderful winter dish!

Fall may come late in the south but we sure do enjoy it when those leaves begin to fall.  Even if we don't have to wear a coat to enjoy them!

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