Laissez les bon temps roulez!

"Laissez le bon temps roulez!"...LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL!  That's what we say down here in Louisiana.  Hmmm...Good Times?!  I'm not sure that's what I would call my day today.

With 2 days left until Caitlin's wedding, I hit the floor running this morning at 6:30.  I had an 8:30 appointment so I had to be out of the house by 8:00.  All of the kids would be in this evening, the Merry Maids would be here at noon and I STILL had a million little things to do for the wedding (sigh...).  At one point, Robby told me rushing was one thing...bursting a heart valve was another (Ha Ha...Very funny!).  I ran out of the house a neck speed with a bowl of cereal in my hands, eating as I raced down the road at neck speed.

Robby had only STARTED building all of his projects for the ceremony and reception yesterday.  He and his friend had actually taken over my home gym and I'm really not quite sure it will ever be the same.  There are light fixtures he has built, along with a saw horse and many other tools hanging and laying around everywhere.  The arch has just been completed and is being painted so it can be placed in the church tomorrow...yea, cutting it a little close, huh?

As I was attempting to get all of my errands completed, I happened to look down at my legs.  They had been itching a bit, but I had not had the opportunity to see why.  Upon taking the time to do that, I was shocked to see that it looked as though I had the red measles!  OH MY GOSH!  I pointed this out to several people who determined that it was red bugs (chiggers); GREAT!...I hadn't had those since I was a child.  I had to run to the store to purchase some clear fingernail polish to put on all of the red spots, which I was told would get rid of those little suckers.  But, I thought, wow!  Won't my legs look lovely in my dress for the wedding?!

Rushing to try to finish the last few items on my list (yes, I still have little lists everywhere...), Caitlin reminded me that she and Kevin were taking their engagement pictures at 6:00 today.  WHAT?!  That was a TERRIBLE idea to plan such a thing 2 days prior to the wedding.  She explained that they hadn't had time to do so earlier and we had paid for them so they were going to do it today.  Oh, and don't think that one can just go out and merely take a few pictures. NO,NO, NO...I looked out in the yard and they had constructed a tee pee for their photo shoot and had collected up some of the vintage items we were taking to the reception hall to decorated with tomorrow!

I finished up by delivering all of the goodie bags we had made for our out of town guests to the hotel.  Notice they say, "Laissez les bon temps roulez!"  Yea, something was rolling today, I'm just not sure it was the "Good Times"!  Well, I plan on hitting the pavement running again tomorrow.  We will be at the church to set up at 8:00 and then head to the reception hall.  And then I guess we will officially be in the home stretch; rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and then the wedding.  I'm not sure how there can be so many little details left to complete after 8 months of planning.  But one thing is for sure...I'm RACING to the finish line!

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