My Daughter Gets A Honeymoon On The Beach And I Get A Bone Graft?! (ugh!!!)

Sunday I officially had a "Wedding Hangover".  Oh, not one from alcohol but from the exhaustion of 8 months of planning.  I didn't sleep late on Sunday morning, instead got up, headed to the pool and stayed there for the good part of the morning.  The adrenaline rush had subsided and now I felt as though I could barely move around; I found I didn't even have the energy to expend on eating.

It was Memorial Day, a holiday weekend, but there was no way I was interested in grilling or basically even getting dressed.  I still had a couple of house guests left and they seemed fine with just chilling too.  I moved from pool to couch, taking naps that never found me feeling fully refreshed I was compelled to take another one.  Sunday, however, I did take those left over guests and some of the kids with me out to the club to pick up our decorations.  One would be correct in assuming that they have still not been put away yet.

I continued to just lay around by the pool on Monday and then actually took in a movie that afternoon.  I was trying to not only relax, but also get a few enjoyable things in before my pending oral surgery on Tuesday.  Yea...remember those unexpected tooth implants that I had begun preparing for a month prior to the wedding?  Well, Tuesday would be the day that the bone graft would be done (ugh...).  I knew that little procedure would find me in bed for a couple of days afterwards.

Tuesday morning, Ryan drove me to Shreveport for my procedure while Robby went to the office to catch up; the wedding week had put us all behind.  I had already asked my prothodontist if this procedure would be as painful as the last; he told me that it really wouldn't be too bad.  OK...FYI, it was a LOT worse!  The last time I left his office, I groggily made it to the car, where I instantly fell asleep for our 2 hour ride home.  This time, however, Ryan had to stop and have my pain medication filled there.  With a terribly sore and swollen face, I spent the rest of the day and evening in bed with an ice pack on the affected area.  Thoughts of the beach my daughter was enjoying kept floating through my head as I dreamed...what was wrong with this picture?! (sigh...)

I made it through the night OK, even had a phone call from my doctor telling me to stay in bed and rest the next day too.  I agreed, thinking "staying in bed didn't REALLY mean staying in bed", did it?. Well, I learned the hard way (as I often do...) that he meant EXACTLY that.  Everyone left me home alone this morning and although I had everything I needed for my "day in bed" within my reach, I felt compelled to do just a "few" things...and THEN I would get back in bed.  I fed the cat, threw some clothes in the washer, picked up the kitchen a bit and then headed outside to take the dogs out.  THAT'S when it happened...You know, that moment when you ask yourself, "Now WHY didn't I just listen?"  I suddenly got very dizzy, started sweating and thought I was about to be sick.  I knew I would pass out if I didn't sit down quickly, so I sat on the walkway and lured the dog back inside.  Realizing that I shouldn't attempt to get back on my feet, I crawled back inside, myself.  I laid on the floor for a few minutes and then crawled over to the phone (note to self:  when sick, keep a phone with you at all times...), called Robby who then called his mother to come over and assist me.  By the time she arrived, I had made it back to the bed and she gave me another medication for nausea and some ginger ale.  When she left, I promised I would not leave my bed again; this time I MEANT it.

And so I sit here while everybody else gets to be out and about.  And Caitlin gets to sun under a clear sky on a sandy beach.  Hmmm...What's wrong with this picture, I ask again??  Oh, well, to look on the bright side of things, I'm getting this out of the way at the beginning of the summer so I can enjoy the rest of it!  And I am going to embrace this time of rest...and start posting those pictures I promised of the wedding reception! I'm gonna "sorta" rest!

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  1. Oh no! Congratulations on your daughter's marriage. Hopefully you are feeling MUCH better. Perhaps it is time for you to take a vacation as well? ;)