The Problem With "Lists" Is...

There is one thing for certain I know...Just because you make lists, does NOT mean that you are an organized person.  Oh, sure the organized person makes "a" list.  And they keep that "one" list with them in a place they can easily access.  The unorganized person, however, strives to keep up with the MANY lists they have.

I did this while planning the boys' weddings, unfortunately, it has become much worse with Caitlin's.  As I think of important things that must be done for the wedding, I write them down on a piece of paper.  That's probably my first mistake.  I should most likely find a little notepad to write "a" list on.  And then, perhaps I could keep up with "it".  That is my second problem concerning my list making skills (or lack thereof...); I can't ever find my list so I have to make another list...and another...and another!!!

I decided to try to improve my list making skills by making one huge list on my i-pad.  About 2 months prior to the wedding, I wrote down week by week what I needed to accomplish.  This was a great idea, I thought, since that weekly list would appear on my Apple computer and I would be reminded what needed to be done on a weekly basis.  Then, I could engage in my favorite part of list making; scratching things off of the list!

I wake up each morning, after often times during the night dreaming about the wedding wondering...WHAT is on my list that I have to do today?  And, believe me, there is ALWAYS something to do (sigh...).  Actually, the calendar alarm on my cell phone goes off at intervals, daily reminding me've got it!  All of those things that are on my other lists.  The month of May, alone has had me running around like a crazy woman!  Here are just a few things I have already checked off my list...

Ryan's Birthday/ May 4 (Happy 24!)
Caitlin's Graduation/May 5 (Yay!  I got a raise!)
My Wedding Anniversary/May 8 (Congrats to us...30 years!)
Throw in a little Smart Lipo (I know...what was I thinking?!  Oh yea, "Skinny Jeans"!)/May 9
Bridesmaids Brunch/May 12 (Gifts presented; one more thing out of my hands before I lose it)
Mother's Day/May 13 (Gifts given and lunch prepared for the mothers)
Invitations to Rehearsal Dinner mailed out this week
Caitlin is up to date on all thank-you notes (Yay!)
Caitlin is packed up to move to Ohio after the wedding (Boo!)

And NOW, today we are packing up to head to Kentucky for David and Kevin's graduation from medical school!  (Yippee! On the graduation...Ugh, on the road trip).  We will be traveling to Kentucky today and will arrive tomorrow.  We will attend a dinner in the graduates' honor Friday evening and then the graduation on Saturday morning.  Right after graduation, we will get on the road to head back to Da Boot, arriving back home some time on Sunday (whew!).  Then, it will be here...THE WEDDING WEEK!  OH MY GOSH...I hope I have done everything that was supposed to have been, where did I put that list?!

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