What Is Smart Lipo and Would You Ever Consider Having It?

For the past couple of years I have become increasingly curious about a procedure known as Smart Lipo.  That curiosity has taken me on many Internet searches where the more I read, the more I wanted to have it done.

There are several reasons I have become so interested in Smart Lipo.  You see, although, I work out religiously and am right at the threshold of my ideal BMI, there are a few places where some fat deposits have taken up residence and just love it there so much, they refuse to leave.  These little "unwanted squatters" on my body have driven me crazy by refusing to leave so I decided to see what alternative ways there are to get them evicted.

Smart Lipo is designed for those people, like me, who have some fatty deposits that they would like to get rid of.  Considered much more safe than traditional Lipo, Smart Lipo is done in a physician's office, with shots given around the areas to be worked on.  The patient is NOT put under, therefore one risk factor is immediately taken away.  Many patients choose to take some sort of anxiety drug before the procedure begins, but YES...you are wide awake and can even carry on a conversation with your physician while the entire procedure is taking place.

Also unlike traditional lipo, Smart Lipo is done with a laser.  After the patient has been marked up and the shots given around the affected area, a fluid containing more numbing ingredients is put inside the incisions.  Once numbed up, the doctor then places a laser inside those incisions and begins to break up the fat.  Now, this is done quite vigorously (as I had seen on quite a few You Tube videos).  There is really no pain while the laser is being shoved in and out of the incisions but one can feel what is being done...HEY!  He's trying to get those "unwanted visitors" out of there!  And the really GREAT thing about this laser procedure is that while after it breaks up the fat, it is smoothing the skin out to prepare it for collagen repair later; something traditional lipo does not do.  After the laser part is complete, the fat is suctioned out..."Good-bye, you little pests!"

Now, there have been some who have said that when you have any type of lipo, the fat will come back somewhere else.  This is totally false!  Explained to me, a person has all of the fat cells they will ever have by the age of about 9 years old.  When one gains weight, those cells swell; when they experience weight loss, they shrink...but those same number of fat cells are still there.  Therefore, once removed, those fat cells will never come back. Why, then do some say they come back in another area?  Well, if you gain weight and they can't come back where they've been removed, naturally one will gain weight where there ARE still more fat cells.  Hmmm...Now, THAT made sense to me!

Well, after all of my reading and researching, I took the next step.  I made an appointment with a physician for a consult.  Upon completing my consult, I decided that Smart Lipo was for me!  I decided to have it...before the wedding.  I know what you're thinking...ARE YOU CRAZY?!  Well, I thought that fact had already been established!  However, the down time for Smart Lipo is much less (one can walk right out of the office...) and there is usually no bruising that can be found using traditional lipo. 

SO...as I am writing this post, I am here to tell you that yesterday afternoon I had my Smart Lipo!  Am I sore?  Well, YEA!  Is the pain unbearable?  No.  I have 2 days until Caitlin's Bridal Brunch and should be just fine to attend that.  I will go back to have my incisions checked (they are not stitched...) this morning and have my bandages changed.  I do have to wear a body garment that is tighter than a Spanx (didn't think that was even possible...) 24 hours a day for the first week and 12 hours a day for the second week.  That means for the brunch and church on Sunday, I will be sporting a maxi dress (so glad those came back on the fashion scene...). 

If you are in the same position that I have found myself in all of these years and just cannot get those "unwanted squatters" to leave certain areas on your body, research Smart Lipo.  There's lots of information online.  I'm glad I did it and I don't think anyone would be disappointed in a decision to do so also.


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