"M & M Night"= Wonderful Memories With A Bestie!

When Justin was married 5 years ago, my best friend from Dallas traveled to Hot Springs to start a tradition that has been carried on throughout the marriages of two of my other children; she called it "M & M Night".

The first "M & M Night" was held in my hotel suite in the historic Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Just when I thought the pre-wedding stress was going to do me in, Lori showed up bearing gifts!  The first thing she had planned was massages for us, since Hot Springs in known for their wonderful spa resorts touting mineral baths and massages.  We then returned to my suite where she took two martini glasses out of her bag and LOTS of M & M's!  That evening we reminisced about the days when our children when small while drinking White Chocolate Martinis and eating our M & M's.  When Lori's next daughter got married, I presented her with the gift of a Fleur de lis martini glass and we once again celebrated the wedding of another child.  The same followed when my son, David, was married two years ago.  Lori showed up on my doorstep with her martinis of Cool Swan and M & M's.  This time, for Caitlin's wedding, she went even a little further for our special evening.

Lori was the wedding coordinator/floral designer for Caitlin's wedding.  Not only is she creative, but she is also a calming presence.  Truly, with all that was going on, I had forgotten about "M & M Night"; Lori had not.  She showed up at my house a couple of days before the wedding to discuss the last minute details and with her, she brought along a very special gift.  I have been a grandmother (Ya Ya) for almost two years now and Lori just found out that she will be a grandmother (and her grandmother name will be La La) in November, so she etched our martini glasses that we would use this year...

                                                    See the Peanut M & M's back there?

The martini was pink this time since it was my daughter getting married and then there was another little gift she threw in too; a burlap (keeping with the vintage theme of Caitlin's wedding...) heart that said, "Memories".

 We decided that there were a lot of "M Words" that we could use now:  Martinis, M & M's, Marriage, Memories...OK, and she DID mention that "M Word" that I'm not too fond of; menopause (ugh...).  But memories, I did like.  Memories of when we first met as our husbands were playing softball for the church team and that time when we drove to Disney World with all of the kids and that time when we flew to San Francisco for the weekend...and I could go on and on.  Lori is kind of friend that everyone wants and I am so glad that she is mine.  She helped make Caitlin's wedding the dream that we had only wished for.  Here's to the next "M & M Night", Lori...I think it might be for the birth of her TWIN GRANDDAUGHTERS!

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  1. I blogged about our night too! But your stories are better! The wedding was amazing. You and the entire Rogenmoser clan came together to make things happen. I think the only tense moment was the Moss Ball Brewhaha. Luckily you were out of the room for that one. I love M&M's. I'm going to link your post in my blog. :)