I Am Here...You Are There...I Really Don't Like That Arrangement

My last day in Ohio was a dreary one.  Partially because the weather was rainy and partially because Caitlin and I both knew that this was my last full day there.  I decided not to let the weather deter us and so we put on our rain boots and headed out to make the most of the day.

As I was trying to decide what we should do on this cool, damp day, it suddenly hit me that we needed to get out hair done!  You know when you get your hair, nails or make-up done it always makes you feel a little better.  So, I got Caitlin to call a hair salon that I had seen down in Crocker Park and see if they could just wash and blow our hair out for us.  OK...so, this was the PERFECT  thing to do!  We got our hair done and then set out for a late lunch.

Although it was still drizzling, we decided to hit a few shops that we had missed earlier in the week...

We hit Gap Kids first and they were having a GREAT sale!  We decided that Parker Ann NEEDED this cute outfit to wear to school.

                        Here's a close up of the shoes...Aren't they just the "Cat's Meow"?!

  And, of course, we were also looking at things for Baby Jarrell.  This little sheep hat was adorable!

             One more school outfit for Parker...A bulldog with pearls and a leopard bow! 

The rain eventually quit but we didn't want to give up our street side parking so we kept going back and feeding our meters throughout the day...

Caitlin walked around the corner and showed me the gym that she an Kevin had joined; Urban Active.  It is really nice and I suggested that she start swimming a little bit every day after I left...

We eventually ended up at Barnes and Noble for a little refreshments while we waited for Kevin to get off from work...

                                   I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season...YUM!

And we sat there,  just like old times, reading all of the magazines about the glamorous yet tumultuous lives of the stars.

When Kevin got off from work, he joined us at a little outdoor bistro for dinner...

                                                              Mommy and Daddy Jarrell


After dinner, Kevin met up with a few of his friends from the hospital and Caitlin and I headed home, put on our jammies and piled up in my bed to talk and laugh one more night before I had to leave.  This had been a long trip and we had done lots of fun exploring together while I was here.  I'm not going to lie; leaving was hard.  And for Caitlin, staying was hard.  I know that we get to see each other again in October,  and in reality that really isn't too terribly long,  but I wonder...how in the world will either of us manage once Baby Jarrell arrives?  I will want to see him/her on a regular basis, just like I see Parker Ann.  This is going to call for some creative planning but I believe that I am up for that! 

So, here I am back home for only one day and I prepare to leave once again (I TOLD you I was a gypsy!).  Monday morning, Robby and I will head to Houma for a meeting he has there and then on to New Orleans through Thursday.  I am tired and actually got a nap in today before I had to unpack one suitcase and then pack another.  I wonder what the chances are that I could possibly get to sleep in on Tuesday morning?!

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