Sneak Peek Of Our Covered Bridge Adventure...

When I knew that I would be returning to Ohio to see Caitlin, someone suggested that I google covered bridges in the area.  I LOVED that idea and immediately did just that.  I found that most of them could be found in Ashtabula County and that was about 1 1/2 hour drive from where Caitlin lived.  That was a little far to travel with a pregnant mommy-to-be so we began to see if there were any bridges closer.  Luckily we did find some and prepared to travel some Ohio back roads to set out on our "Covered Bridge Adventure".

Caitlin found the bridges closest to her house and got the directions for her GPS.  We then checked the things off of our list that we would need for the day...

                                                               Tennis shoes...CHECK!



We packed a snack but it was almost lunch time when we left so we decided to stop and eat...who knew where we would end up later in the day?!

 We ate at this little outdoor cafe and I had this wonderful salad.  The chicken breast was stuffed with three cheeses and lightly pan fried.  There were tomato wedges, green apple slices, candied pecans and feta cheese on top.  I will definitely be trying to recreate this yummy dish!

Next, we were off to see as many bridges as we could fit in on this day.  I brought my good, professional camera just for this purpose, but unfortunately I did not bring the attachment to load those photos onto my computer.  So...the photos I share with you today will be ones that I took with my phone.  When I get home, I will load the others from my camera.  However, I hope that you do enjoy some of the beauty of the bridges and outdoors that we did yesterday...

This beautiful bridge was found only about 5 miles from where Caitlin lives; it is attached to a bike path through the woods.  No vehicles are allowed on this bridge.

The next little town we visited was Olmsted Falls.  Oh, how quaint it was with all of the little historical buildings in the city.  But we were here to see bridges and I can say that we were definitely not disappointed in this area.  The centerpiece of the park was, of course, the lovely covered bridge.  Surrounding this bridge were many walking trails that led to rock formations, small waterfalls and just down right beautiful scenery...
Only foot traffic is allowed over this bridge, were people can access the walking trails through the woods.

                                                             View from the bridge...

OK...So, Caitlin got a shot of me shooting the bridge from the ground.  HEY!  Sometimes you've just gotta get the good shot!


The next bridge we visited is actually still in use.  However, only one lane of traffic can pass through at a time; a traffic light is set up on each side to let vehicles get over it.  Beside this bridge was a horse that would've been fun if we had a horse.

The last little bridge that we sought out for the day was actually found in a very unlikely place...behind some houses.  I wish I knew the history behind this little bridge; perhaps the houses simply built up around it or maybe someone saved the bridge and moved it to the small pond behind their property.  Whatever its story is, it was on the map and we were gonna see it!

    This field surrounded the property of the tiny bridge and it was just too pretty not to photograph.

Caitlin and I had driven all over the back roads of Ohio and actually found some pretty neat areas for her and Kevin to come back and visit.  I also told her that she needed to go back to some of these bridges and photograph them when the leaves begin to turn and in the snow also; I can only imagine how beautiful they will be then!  And then, after Baby Jarrell is born I want to take that trip all the way to Ashtabula County to see those bridges.  What a wonderful way to spend a day...all you really needed was a GPS and a camera!

*****Look for my next post on Covered Bridges where I will include all of the shots from my


  1. Cool day trip. Are you going to have time to wash clothes and repack for your next trip? I hope so, see you Monday or Tuesday.

  2. YES! I will repack and be on the road to New Orleans Monday!!! See ya there!

  3. a great day of memory making. love the photos. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Your participation helps make it a success.I'm sorry I am slow to visit this week as I am fighting a nasty head cold and my time on the computer has been limited.Wishing you a beautiful day .