Simply Too Tired To Type...

I flew to Ohio for 8 days, came home for one day and then headed to New Orleans for 4 days...I am tired; very tired and oh so happy to finally be home.  I suppose that is why I went MIA on here for a few days.  When we left for New Orleans on Monday morning, it was POURING rain...

Robby had a meeting in Houma first so I just plugged in my headphones and watched movies on my i-pad while we drove.

By the time we made it to New Orleans, the rain had let up some and it was almost 2 O'clock...we were STARVING!  As soon as we checked into our hotel, we set out for a late lunch at Dickie Brennan's, Bourbon House...

And then we walked...and walked...and walked...ALL OVER THE CITY.  I took lots of pictures and decided to just let them speak for themselves...


                                                                  French Market

                                                                     Art on every corner

                                                                          Time for a snack!

                                                                      And a little music.

                                                              Cathedral at Jackson Square

Needless to say, I was SO TIRED from all he walking.

Tuesday, our friends began arriving.  The guys were playing in a charity golf tournament on Wednesday so there would be a big dinner Tuesday night for all of us to attend.  However, Lynn and Lori came in early on Tuesday and Lynn, although he was born and raised in Louisiana, had not been to New Orleans in 15 years!  And you've got it...he wanted to walk through the city.  And so...we walked...and walked...and walked some more!  (See why I'm so tired?!)  I took more pictures...

                                                                    The Mississippi River.

                                     LOVE this old fan!  Wish I had one like it at my house.

                                                        Another shot of the Cathedral.

                                                                         WHO DAT!

We walked and I took pictures all day and when it was time to head back to our room to get dressed for dinner, I really needed a nap.  BUT...there was no time for a nap (sigh...).  We all headed down to Irene's, an Italian restaurant that is a local favorite.  The restaurant was small, cozy and Ms. Irene is an old school Italian lady who sent out samples of her food as we waited for ours to word; YUMMY!  At the end of the day...I was tired (again...).

Wednesday morning, the guys got up to leave for their golf tournament and the ladies set out to explore The Garden District.  You've got it...MORE WALKING!  And by this time I had a broken blister on the back of one heel.  Thankfully, someone had a Band Aid for me, because we we did some more SERIOUS WALKING...And I took more pictures...

                                                   Look at all of the beautiful iron work.

                                                             Obviously a parade route!

Just before I thought I would drop from exhaustion, we made it to Superior Bar and Grill!  If you  have never been here, you MUST go...WONDERFUL Mexican food.  I desperately needed 3 things:  Water, Carbs. and another Band Aid!

We caught a bus back to the hotel after lunch and I enjoyed just relaxing in my room and reading for a while.  Now and then, I would also nod off and when I got up I decided I NEEDED a little snack...

                               Ummm...these brownies with ice cream just hit the spot!

It was late when Robby got back from the tournament and we ran out and got a couple of Po-Boys, brought them back to the room, watched a little T.V. and turned in for the night.

I am now home.  And Dorothy was right..."There's no place like home!"


  1. These pictures are great, they helped share a piece of the vacation with the readers. The food shots made me hungry...probably because soup was my dinner tonight since I've been so busy.

    Time away from home is always nice, but home is always nicer. Glad you got back safe and sound and full of good memories. :)

  2. Thanks! So glad you enjoyed. And SUPER glad to be home for a while!